Sunday, December 4, 2011


These are two of the most invaluable words that was often used by Sai Baba of Shirdi... we humans often tend to have lovely ‘devotion’ towards God but ‘patience’ is something we often tend to lose in the most trying times. I have often wondered each time I visit Shirdi... to see hundreds of devotee losing their ‘patience’ the moment they enter the temple premise, pushing and shoving while in line for a darshan... strange are also the ways of God for making us like this... even I lost my ‘patience’ when things didn’t happened after repeated attempts... yes, it is a frustrated feelings that overcome our level of ‘patience’.

But if you trust in God, whoever you worship, and are devoted... it is ‘patience’ that will see you through the most trying times... needless to say, it is frustrating at times, but no matter what, one should not lose faith in God... HE will make you reach where you belong at the perfect time decided by HIM and only HIM... as often we have heard the lines that we are mere ‘puppets’ at HIS will... The journey of destiny has seen me going through ups and downs, blissful moments and depressions, happiness and sadness... ever since this phase of mine started on the 12th of March 2010 as destined... so long, things have been trying at times and at times I did wonder as to what I was doing here in Vidarbha... thoughts!!!

It was last June that I started my efforts to register the Trust along with two beautiful friends – Swapnil Barai and Tejal Rajyagor... it took me six months just to keep collecting various documents needed... and on the 20th of December 2010, I finally submitted the form... each time a ‘date’ was given, I used to hope things to move... but...dates after date... things were just not moving... it took exactly a little less than a year to finally get the Trust registered... on the 1st of December 2011, finally I was given the Trust Registration Certificate by the Assistant Charity Commissioner Mr. PP Sharma... He wished me all the best in life and was very kind to enquire about the movement... here, I wish to thank Mr. Gunvant Kalamb from the office for being a kind help and also the previous official Mr. Thool and all the staff of the office from the bottom of my heart. I am truly grateful to everyone who has helped me with their kind support and invaluable help all through this lone journey... Blessings of Sai Baba and my (Late) Mamman Mrs. Pratibha Jaiswal – she adopted me as her son and gave me all the love to this orphan – have been my strength all through to believe in what I am here to do is the will of Sai Baba.

Sandipta Dhar, a friend who I met on Facebook has played a perfect guiding force ever since we have known each other. Even though she is based in the US of A, we connect through mails regularly to discuss various things about the movement. Blessings from my English teacher Mr. KK Roy Choudhury and great friend Agith Antony,  Sandip my paperwala in Ambernath, the faceless numerous Indians on Local Trains from Ambernath to Dadar & Dadar to Andheri – and from the streets of Bombay – Andheri (W) – Bandra Linking Road & Thane, Jaya Bhattacharya, Sameer Gambhir, Anita & Kushal, Naresh, Meghana Shetty & Suresh Mistry, Aravind Chandrahshekran, Preeta Rao, Devesh Sharma, Akshay Kulkarni, Madan Patil, Raju Mishra, Sukhinder Bagai, Anandita & Ravi Malik... Swapnil Barai’s whole family’s strong support and great help, the 20 Beautiful Angels who have supported me financially... Amrita Vardarajan, Sagar Barai, Sarika Barai & her friends at Jamnalal College Bombay... and many angels who flew from various parts of the world... be it Parull Gossain, Sanjiv Chabbria, Vijay Beleri, Tarana Masand Rajpal, Aruna Ram Kumar, Uma Iyer, Deepa Nair, Swati Balgi, Arul Kennedy, Dr. Nigam (Shraddha Nigam's father) and family, Nitin of, Anupama Naigaokar and family (they adopted me last year as their son)... my lovely and kind landlord Mr. Vaidya and family, Sheba Thayil... the blog followers and readers from all over the world, my FB friends... well, the list is surely going to get longer... please do forgive me if I have missed your names... each one of you has been and will always be THE great part of the journey of destiny...

Certainly when I started the journey all alone... I never did realize so many angels will fly to become part of my destiny... people who I have never met, have come to become such good friends and their undying support for the movement has made all this possible... I am just the medium to act on the will of everyone’s destiny’s act... Yes, the blessings of all the villagers I have met and interacted during all these months have given me the required strength to keep moving slow and steadily... I have put in and will always put in the best of the best efforts in trying to make few lives of the poor villagers of my beloved nation better till the time this body will allow me to do... this is a very-very long journey before we achieve something better... but I know my Sai Baba and my Mamman will see me through this journey of destiny.

Last but not the least, I wish to add my Australian friend Lan Christine Parks and all the cast and crew of DESTINY’S WEB, who are helping me with my first international film as a scriptwriter in Australia.

The “Journey of Destiny” continues...


  1. Johnny - you've graciously thanked everyone who has come into your life and helped in their own ways to take you a step forward on your journey. But now it's time for us to thank you. Thank you for being the sensitive, courageous & determined person that you are, for daring to start out on a path that most of us would not even dream of taking, and for persevering on that path despite all odds. Here's wishing you every success in your endeavours! ~ Sandipta

  2. Sandipta... as the tears of strength and emotions flow from my eyes formed within the abyss of my heart... all I can say I am glad that Sai Baba wrote my destiny with all you beautiful angels in it!!! Sai Baba bless you all always and forever!!!