Thursday, December 15, 2011


Did you know that a packet of 400 grams of Medicated Cotton costs Rs. 200/-?
That means 1 Kg of Medicated Cotton will cost Rs. 500/-
So if one calculates the Medicated Cotton at this rate @ Rs. 500/- per kg, a quintal of cotton will cost Rs. 50,000/-
Now, imagine the Nation's Government fixes the MSP (Minimum Support Price) of Cotton @ Rs. 3,300/- per Quintal.... for the poor farmers.
From raw cotton to finished and Medically treated cotton, the price by Pharma Companies is totally unbelievable... I was honestly shocked to calculate the per quintal rate!
Tell me citizen of the world, where is Rs. 3,300/- Per Quintal and where is Rs. 50,000/- Per Quintal??? So right from the policy makers to ministry of agriculture to Nation's government to traders' lobby to middlemen to big traders to the finished product sold by various companies... each one of them are making money in thousands while the poor farmers, who has to first buy seeds at a higher price because the market creates artificial shortage during sowing season to buying short supplied high priced fertilizers and pesticides to physical labour of the whole family to paying exhorbitant wages to labour for weeding and plucking to finally take the yield to the government procurement centre... all that the poor farmers are paid is just Rs. 3,300/- per quintal....
Mind you, apart from all the hardships mentioned above, the farmers have to face the nature's fury year after year... one year, it may rains cats and dogs, and the next, there may not be any sign of any rain... not to mention the unseasonal rain, which often damages the cash crop... The meagre amount of just Rs. 3,300/- per quintal for the poor farmers' community as the MSP, which puts its heart and soul to grow cotton for the nation's economy to benefit is being LOOTED by the Government in the most bizarre fashion without anybody's knowledge...
Yes, before the packet landed in my hand, even I had never had thought about such a huge difference is there between Raw Cotton and Medicated Cotton... there is certainly the HUGE DIFFERENCE of Rs. 46, 700/- per Quintal... but I was always researching to get the price of cotton at the international market and the price of cotton being exported from India to other countries.
Is this JUSTICE the Government of my NATION??? PLEASE-PLEASE this is certainly not a fair treatment... the farmers' community badly needs a suitable MSP for their selfless hard labour... now looking at the above mentioned rate, I feel even Rs. 15,000/- Per Quintal is really less for the laborious farmers. Time the government and all the political leaders to wake up from their misconception that what is being paid (MSP) by the Government of India is certainly a case of cheating and looting the Cotton Growing Farmers to push them towards the edge to succumb to suicide!

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