Sunday, January 8, 2012


As we all know that India has been an Agriculture dominated nation with almost 70 % (now 60 %) of the population are still dependent on the unorganized sector. While the nation has grown in leaps and bounds to see the Multiplex-Mall Culture taking precedence with MNCs dominating to milk the nation's economy, the Agriculture sector has deteriorated from bad to worse. All the factors leading to agriculture have seen or made sure to exploit the farmers of the nation to somehow survive under all circumstances... irrigation infrastructure takes decades to remain incomplete with billions of dollar  spent (God know where all the billions land up), the ever-increasing prices of seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, labour cost, traders' lobby controlling rates of all the crops and not to forget the erratic nature of nature year after year...

All the factors compel the rural population to migrate to cities in search for survival and better pastures... more migration means increase of unemployment escalates and thereby increases poverty to a new high! Every policy, act or law are rewritten to exploit the poor farmers and the sorry state of the unorganized sector is courtesy - the Central Government, the State Government, the Planning Commission, Greedy Rich Corporate Companies and needless to say, the corrupt politicians.

While the poor farmers are pushed to the edge to succumb to suicide (Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharastra, Kerala, Punjab, Chattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat) or else sell their wives (three villages in Bundelkhand, UP in 2009) to feed their children in extreme drought-hit situation - the rich and all the other sectors have benefited at the expense of the farmers' community. The need of the hour, before it is too late, is a well-planned creation of the Agriculture Force of India to benefit and secure the future of the generation today (tiny-tots).

The Agriculture Force of India like the Defence Sector will comprise of various departments

Research & Development
Work Force
Maintenance & Servicing etc etc

Under each department, various sections will be looked after for a flawless operation and day-to-day functioning... just like it is done in the Defence sector.

This may seem like a foolish dream of mine, but it is high time now to create the Agriculture Force of India to secure the future of the tiny-tots of today before every thing cease to exist... the nation will benefit and even though I know the corrupt leaders of my nation will never dare to think for a long term solution to overcome the problems of the nation, unless it is served on the platter from the Western world with a hidden agenda. Agriculture has to be treated like all the important sectors in a systematic manner for the nation to benefit at large.

Will some country (reading the post) create the National Agriculture Force to secure the future of the coming generation to shape it as the industry of the FUTURE?

I look forward for your reaction... so please send me your feedback... acchaka!

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