Friday, January 6, 2012


CAUTION: If not now, the generation today (the tiny-tots) will be eating each other to survive in coming future, when there will be no fertile land left, water to irrigate or food grains to eat!

The TIME is not so far from all of us HUMANS! BEWARE!!!

"Jai Jawan, Jai Kisaan!" Lal Bahadur Shastri had so aptly coined the tagline for a strong nation!

The only Prime Minister of India that every Indian so wish was still alive to lead our nation once again... sadly, his sudden demise in Russia is still a mystery! Was he eliminated by vested interest of greedy politicians and corporate world or did he really succumbed to his destiny? The Russian cook was held and as per various reports, he was believed to have poisoned (the food) of India's brilliant Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri - the true beloved son of the soil!

For any nation to be strong, its defence forces and its farmers' community should be strong and well looked after! While the defence forces will defend the nation from internal and external aggression / invasion, the farmers will look after the nation's food grains. While the world all over have spend billions and billions of dollars on defence (WARS), ironically, none of the countries have really bothered to spend an equal amount, if not more, on Agriculture or on farmers' needs!

While all those, who serve the defence (army / navy / air force / police) to protect the motherland are entitle for pension after 56 years in service, sadly, a farmer even at the age of 75 plus have to fend for self and his family, while continue growing food for the nation. I have often wondered, while our democratic nation states Equal Rights to every citizen - these two main forces - the Defence and the Peasants - have two different policies by the nation's constitution... so tell me, where exactly is the EQUALITY?

No one, I repeat, no one has ever pointed out this point for two different treatments of the two major forces of the nation. Both the Defence Forces and the Farmers' Community selflessly dedicated their lives to serve the nation (unlike all the other professions) for the safety and betterment of the motherland and its citizen. While the Defence Forces is a well-organized force, the peasants have been left on their own to defend for themselves and at the mercy of nature!

As I have put a CAUTION right in the beginning of the post, it is still not late to build Agriculture Force of India (AFI) for a better secure future for the generation of today's tiny-tots! If the AFI is built or created by the nation's leaders and government, the nation will benefit at large. The AFI will employ all the farmers of the nation, who will serve as the Defence personnel on a monthly salary + perks + privileges + benefits as being provided to the Defence Forces. So farmers will become a collective force under the government, that means - the State will cut on all the middlemen / traders' commission, thereby keeping a check on the prices of food grains / vegetables / fruits and every product associated with agriculture (juices / cereals / jams just to name a few). Unlike the Defence Forces' 56 + 5 Years reserve retirement age, the government can let the farmers serve till 60 + 10 years to be eligible for State Pension!

Needless to say, since farming will be under the State, all the agriculture land will belong to the State. So it will be mandatory for the government to make sure the protection of all the fertile lands. Since farmers know better than all the white-collar planners of the Planning Commission, they can plan and guide better to cultivate and grow respective crops for the nation to benefit. Under the State, proper plan of action for various sectors under AFI can and should be developed by using the expertise of farmers. The AFI can become the force to reckon with, for the the nation to benefit and be secure of the future.

The farmers' community will be too happy if AFI is created to benefit the nation and their community. The farmers can concentrate zealously like any other factory workers or soldiers without worrying about the infrastructure because the State will have to make sure that everything is in proper order just like we all see in Defence Forces - from irrigation infrastructure to seed banks to electricity to harvesting to labour problems to marketing to feeding the citizen of the nation in a healthy manner... once their jobs are secured, their families can reap the benefits for a better future with proper health care, education for children and their lifestyle too, will improve automatically. This way, the State will be solving various problems simultaneously:

Rural-Urban Migration
Eliminate Poverty
Control Rising Prices
Check wastage of food grains -

just to name a few of the major problems haunting the nation's government constantly! Also by checking all the never-ending problems, the nation will strengthen self with a proper Economic Growth in the real manner!

... to be continued...

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