Friday, May 4, 2012


"Angels are visibly invisible."

I am yet to thank the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS of the Second Year (June 2011 to May 2012) when Sai Baba sends me from a far distant land (USA) the FIRST BEAUTIFUL ANGEL of the Third Year, starting June 2012 to May 2013!

We have barely known each other for less than a month and her angelic ways has touched the "Journey of Destiny" in a blessed way! Words will surely not be enough to write about this beautiful angel. Her words of encouragement and the will to help and support with whatever possible ways... have amazed me! And when I told her about the blog post to take her permission to write about her, she was quick to request me... 'Johnny, whatever little I can do for the poor children and needy, I am doing because it gives me a sense of giving to see few souls smiling. Please don't mention my name because I would prefer to do it anonymously. It somehow weakens my efforts.'

I respect her wish and request and here I am writing about my First Beautiful Angel... we met through a common friend on Facebook... exchanged greetings and soon started interacting... she is keen to send Baby Clothes for village children and she told me she has three boxes of various things for children and women... yes, while she is making her arrangements, I know it takes a lot of money to ship it from other countries to the small town city of Wardha in Maharastra and I told her... hold on to the boxes for a while... on 30th April, while we were chatting online, she said, 'Johnny I want to send you some money and I will send it on the 3rd of May... I can send little and it will be a gift to a friend... so you are free to make good use of it as you like it.'

And today morning she told me she had wired me the money and asked me to collect it... WOW! I have run out of words to thank this wonderful kind sweet angelic soul... truly SPEECHLESS! In her sweet words - "I feel privileged to help you and those you serve, Johnny. We will get together some clothing, etc., for them. Bless you sweetheart." She responded to the post for Baby Clothes on 30th April and within three days, she became the First Beautiful Angel of the "Journey of Destiny" !

Ever since I started the "Journey of Destiny" so many angels have flown from nowhere to support and help ... I really feel blessed to have known so many angels and am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart to each one of them... they fly from distant land and places, without having met me in person... being connected online through Facebook... totally strangers who feel compassion about my country's villagers. I will not hesitate to even beg my own countrymen for the villagers and their children with whatever it takes... Not many have their conscience at the right place... but my efforts will not stop and I shall try my best to create awareness worldwide and make few people awake from their deep slumber.

She says, 'Watching others' suffering, I have always believed, is as hard as undergoing the suffering. And accepting the fact that people don't want to look at unpleasant things....  I am going to try to stir up Americans to help also, Johnny. And Indians, too. I envy you, strange as that may sound. You are getting a college degree in life. Bless you sweetheart!'

On the 1st of May, after my First Beautiful Angel, I am grateful to two more Beautiful Angels Ankit Tulsyan and Palak Jha from the Second Year said they would like to continue with their support and help this year too... that makes THREE BEAUTIFUL ANGELS... now the search for SEVEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS continue...

The 'Journey of Destiny' continues...


  1. I think that in all our world there is a small group of people whose humanity drives them to fight for others. You are a member of this group, Johnny. This group of people know true humility in that they are willing even to beg for those in need. They often lose friends and even families' support on their humanitarian journeys. They deprive themselves, always aware of the huge needs of those they seek to help. This journey to help the suffering in our world is a hard one, one littered with obstacles and heartache and there are times when everyday seems to be a dark night of the soul. But they continue on their journey, one faltering step at a time, and they save lives; they save souls. Bless you Johnny. I am truly privileged to know you, for you are, in fact, the First Angel. Tommye Rodrigues

  2. Destiny guides Tommye... I am just the medium to bridge the gap between people who care and people who need care, help & support... the First Beautiful Angel flies from nowhere to reach out to people in my country, while my own country people are still not bothered except a few... the beauty of destiny is totally astonishing... grateful Tommye Rodrigues for your sweet kind encouraging words... God bless you always & forever... cuidate !