Saturday, May 5, 2012


Korku Tribal Villagers / Farmers in Melghat, Amravati dig wells with bare hands and basic tools even in this 21st Century...

IRRIGATION PROJECTS in the State of Maharastra under the Congress Rule since the past 37 Years (Bawanthadi Irrigation Project) and 24 Years (Gosikhurd Irrigation Project) have seen the PROJECTS' COST escalating to a whopping 3000 to 4000 % but they still remain INCOMPLETE after all these decades...

The Farmers have been deprived of Water for Irrigation while all the water is being diverted to the Heavy Industries and Thermal Power Projects... SEZ & Thermal Power Projects start operation in three to four years but IRRIGATION PROJECTS... ??? 

0.1 % Rise in Irrigated Crop Area in Maharastra in the last 10 Years -- 2001 to 2010
While the PROJECT COST of various IRRIGATION PROJECTS escalated to the tune of 3000 % to 4000 % and are still INCOMPLETE after 24 and 37 Years under CONGRESS RULE in the State
"It is true that the Economic Survey has pointed out that there has been a mere 0.1 per cent rise in irrigated crop area in Maharastra in 10 years." Prithviraj Chavan, CM of Maharastra in Indian Express dtd: 5th May 2012.

According to the latest Economic Survey of Maharastra, the gross irrigated area to gross cropped area was 17.8 % in 2000 - 2001 and rose by a mere 0.1 % to reach 17.9 % in 2009 - 2010.

The National Average is 45.3 %.

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