Wednesday, May 16, 2012


1. Europe has 169 regions, 123 provinces and 4,713 municipalities that have declared themselves GMO-free.

2. In six EU countries, GMO-free zones cover almost the entire country: Poland, Greece, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Italy.

3. Germany has 190 municipalities with a ban

4. Switzerland has a moratorium in effect until 2013

5. Ireland has declared itself a GMO-free zone.

6. Nearly all Australian states have adopted moratoria against GMOs

7. Thailand has banned GMO field trials and does not allow commercial plantings

8. Five states in India have banned GM cultivation

9. Some local Japanese governments have banned or restricted GM crops

10. Five provinces in the Philippines are GMO-Free zones

11. Venezuela has declared itself GMO-free

12. GMO-free initiatives in the U.S. include five counties in California that have moratoriums in place

13. Alaska in 2006 adopted a state law requiring labels on GM fish

14. Many states in the US have introduced bills to label GM seeds, foods, etc. Most are pending in committee.

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