Saturday, July 7, 2012


Angels are visibly invisible !

Even though you see them every day, many angels are still elusive for you to meet them due to destiny. The Eighth Beautiful Angel is one such angel... we see each other on Facebook almost daily but so far, I have not been able to meet this beautiful kind soul. When he entered to become the part of the “Journey of Destiny” through another Facebook friend, there was something very special about his commitment to lend help and support... I remember each face who have played the beautiful role to come forward to support the movement from day one... and in the last two plus years, I have met, interacted and spend some precious moments with most of the angels in India. There are many beautiful angels all across the globe, who have been a great support to strengthen the movement. And, I am truly-truly very-very grateful to all of them.

Last year, the Eighth Beautiful Angel was one among the many, who helped the villagers with medicines during the monsoon... and he always tells me that whenever I require any help, I should approach him without any hesitation. I have known him for nearly two years now and we do interact over phone regarding the progress of the movement. When I was wondering to get TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS for the third year, I approached him when I was stuck with just Seven Beautiful Angels... he messaged me and then called me, “I will send you a cheque right away. Only request is to keep it confidential. Please let me know to whom cheque needs to be addressed to. And place where I can courier it. Also please let me know if I can contribute for any specific project.” 

Some of the Beautiful Angels wish to do more than I am requesting them for the movement. Right from the beginning, I had made up my mind that I will raise only that much help and assistance that is required to support the villagers in an effective manner. I don’t wish to possess more than required because I have realized this aspect when I started the “Journey of Destiny”. It is such a waste of money, space and time when you keep accumulating things that you will just keep and do nothing... and after few months or years, you will throw them as wastes... Want not, Waste not! Such a simple and powerful sentence, which we humans have forgotten.

The Eighth Beautiful Angel very promptly deposited the full year’s support... Sai Baba bless your families always and forever! I am grateful for everything you have done and will do in future, from the bottom of my heart.

... to be continued...

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