Friday, July 27, 2012


Angels are visibly invisible !

Some of the Beautiful Angels are so-so beautiful and kind that they just don’t stop by doing just one kind act... they are eager to be part of the movement in more ways and are always there, asking for more... One such beautiful angel is Ankit Tulsyan... Yes! You all have heard this name before last year as well as this year... he is the Second Beautiful Angel this year, continuing his kind and strong support from last year.

We often discuss things about the movement’s progress every month over phone... And during one such conversation, he asked me if I had got all my TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS... and when I said one is left... he said, “Can I help you? I want to...” Such was his kindness that he wanted more challenges thrown at him... and he demanded it... I smiled to look at Sai Baba’s picture in my room... I said, “Now this is a challenge to find my Tenth Beautiful Angel.” He was so happy at the opportunity given to him to strengthen the movement... he said, “I may call you within an hour or may be after two days... but I will send you the Tenth Beautiful Angel.”

A day passed and he said, “One of my friend wish to talk to you and he will call you after a while.” The call came... and from the other side my Tenth Beautiful Angel said, “It is my privilege to be a part of such a noble venture. Please send me the details of the bank account and I will deposit the amount.” Truly, I have no words to thank Ankit and this noble soul to come at the right time. We talked for over an hour over phone and he tried to understand everything related to the movement. He requested that his small help and support should remain anonymous. And I respect his wishes...

Ankit Tulsyan graduated from the reputed VNIT Nagpur... the reputed Engineering College of Vidarbha and even the Tenth Beautiful Angel completed his Engineering from VNIT... let me tell you all that VNIT is a highly esteem College of Engineering and only the best of best students get admission here. I feel very blessed and thank my Sai Baba to send me so many beautiful angels to help & support me in the “Journey of Destiny”. People I have never known, met or interacted with, have come forward to help me and the farmers of the nation.

The Tenth Beautiful Angel is very eager to understand various ground realities of the situation and often interact with me over phone for hours... he clarifies his doubts with some beautiful questions as a good student... and I am truly very happy to see his passion. He assured me with all his help and strong support. Imagine, only one call it needed from Ankit to tell him, he needs to support me... and without asking anything from Ankit, he agreed! Very rare are such kind hearted people, who without knowing who I am, what I am doing and why I am doing and who will benefit out of the whole thing... he just came forward with no questions asked... truly-truly commendable indeed!

Through this post, I wish to thank you my Tenth Beautiful Angel and you too Ankit Tulsyan for supporting and helping me to pursue the movement... Sai Baba bless you both always & forever !!!

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