Saturday, July 14, 2012


Angels are visibly invisible !

She has been helping the movement in her own special ways since the last year in a very silent manner... very promptly sharing certain important posts / status as and when help were needed for the movement... and I must thank her from the bottom of my heart because she introduced to me, some of the most amazing angels, who were her friends. Friends, who came forward without really knowing me... but help they did at the right moment with medicines for villagers... and assuring me of future help as and when required.

I have known her since the early 2002 as a journalist. She was at Magna and I used to cover celebrity homes for Society Interiors, while I was freelancing with many publication houses simultaneously. How time has flown by and when we met recently at her office in Bombay after many years, we realized a decade has simply gone by... it surely seemed like yesterday, when we used to go for gup chup or paani puri and share a hearty laugh... Over the years, I have been happy for her progress as the Assistant Editor of Better Interiors...

When I approached her... she said, “Sure JD!” Deepa Nair has really strengthened the movement in her own special ways and I wish there are more beautiful angels like her, who will come forward to provide help and support kindly, with whatever possible... it may be medicines for villagers, baby clothes for infants in villages or raise funds... so we can help more affected farmers’ families of our nation.

I am truly grateful for everything you have done and doing for the movement D! Deepa Sai Baba bless you and your families always and forever.

... to be continued...

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