Monday, March 18, 2013


Challenges ! Obstacles ! Tragedies ! Continuous Research ! Miseries ! Lies of the System ! Demonic Myths ! Depression ! Being Duped ! Providing Solution ! Creating Awareness ! Sharing with the World !

... the UNENDING Journey of my HEART over MIND to help a few AFFECTED FARMERS FAMILIES of VIDARBHA will continue till my BODY allows me...

The "JOURNEY of DESTINY" turns THREE today... from the Streets of Bombay to being followed in 91 Countries...

I wish to thank from the bottom of my heart to every single beautiful angel, who has had the heart to contribute with their kindness to support me from the first day 18th March 2010...

GRATEFUL to each one of you my BEAUTIFUL ANGEL! Sai Baba bless  you all always & forever !

--- Johnny D ---

support 4 suicide farmers families Wardha

18th March 2013

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