Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Today, the 12th of March, the movement ‘support 4 suicide farmers families’ turns THREE! It was early morning of 12th March 2010, when I realized that by mere writing about the plight of farmers, one will not even wipe a single tear from the eyes of hundreds of widow, who have lost their husbands, brothers, fathers, uncles and sons to the demonic myth that the System has created to gobble up billions and billions of rupees... all in the name of farmers!

The Irrigation Scam! The Loan Waiving Scam! The GMOs Scam! The Land Grabbing Scam! The Food Grains Rotting Scam! The Godown Scam! The MSP Scam! The AID Scam! ... Well, the list is certainly endless and the money that has been gobbled by the System since decades is difficult to even add up. The poor still suffers and will keep suffering for time immemorial!

A very small effort to provide some succour to few, very few affected families by uniting few like-minded people from all across the globe... is what made me to keep striving with all the hardships and miseries. In the past three years, I have learned well how the System has created the Demonic Myth like many MYTHS to divert the attention of the people of the Nation. Instead of solving the problems on the real grounds by providing farmers with effective irrigation infrastructure and other necessary facilities, the System along with Corporate Companies, the Media, Famous People have complicated the farmers’ issue to such Demonic proportion that it is at the point of no returns.

I SALUTE sincerely from the bottom of my heart the farmers of the world for feeding respective nations, in spite of not been provided the basic necessities with their sheer hard work, devotion and compulsion. Fertile lands are being grabbed at breakneck pace by the Government in the name of development as the numbers of farmers are decreasing at an alarming rate all over the world. I really wonder where the world is heading! What will happen when there will be no farmers left? No fertile land left?

In the third year (June 2012 to May 2013), I faced problems because few among the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS faced their own problems and could not support me financially with their respective monthly commitment... as a result... I had to find a solution to solve my problem. I was in  deep crisis as whatever little saving was left of mine soon got exhausted and some loans amount added up, so I could survive. I looked for a job and even managed to get a job as the Editor of a soon-to-be-launched magazine ARCHITECTURE & AESTHETICS by EPC World Media Pvt. Ltd. CBD Belapur, New Mumbai. However, my joy soon turned into a nightmare... I was paid my first month January’s salary in March and that too less... my vouchers were not cleared even after a month... and with no infrastructural support and staff whatsoever, and no interest by the Publisher, for reasons only known to him... I decided it was time to move on. So on 11th March 2013, I resigned from my post as the Editor of the magazine. I don’t even know if I will be paid my second month’s salary and the vouchers’ money... EPC World Media Pvt. Ltd. owes me Rs. 66,257 /- as dues... I know I have been duped by the Publisher and that come what may, he will never pay me.

The traumatic experience I have been going through since the last few months is really taking a toll on me... as vowed, I contributed Rs. 3,600 /- from my first salary to the Trust’s fund, so that it will sponsor a child for a year for its future education, because this was the main reason why I came to Bombay again to raise some fund from what I earn. I even managed to pay some of my loans of my friends. Now, I am once again jobless and with barely a month’s money to survive... I have a long way to go! How? Only my Sai Baba knows where HE will lead me...

As the movement turns THREE... I know well, there are more obstacles on my way and by the time, I will manage to clear one obstacle at a time, there will be ten more hurdles standing tall with their heads up... I wonder all the time, why God tests poor and individuals, who wish to do something good for humanity? I have no answers whatsoever... and I also know that no answer will ever satisfy me because I strongly believe it is SHEER INJUSTICE of the ALMIGHTY!

NOTE: English translation is given below the Original...

है ग़रीबों की दुनियाँ में
देखो ख़ुदा भी कितना अँधा
ग़रीबों का शोषण करा कर
अमीरों का बढ़ाता है धंधा

--- जॉनी 'डी' ---
० ९ - ० ३ - २ ० १ ३

In the world of the poor
Look how blind is the God
By exploiting the poor
God increases the business of the Rich!

--- Johnny D ---
0 9 - 0 3 - 2 0 1 3

The ‘Journey of Destiny’ continues...


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