Saturday, March 23, 2013


The "Journey of Destiny" has seen the ups and downs of life since the past three years. Each year, TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS came forward to help and support me for a year so that I have been able to continue my small effort to help the affected farmers' families and village children with whatever the world provides in their own generous ways. 

Many have and many will say - 'it is a foolish journey that I am making to devote my life to serve the farmers' of the world in today's modern day life'. I strongly believe it is the journey of my heart over my mind to become a tiny bridge to beg from the 'haves' and provide it to the 'haves not'.

In the past three years, 91 countries from the world have been following the "Journey of Destiny". All I need and require for the FOURTH YEAR is another SEVEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS, I have got THREE so far, to support and help me financially for one year with as little as $ 18.5 a month, which adds up to $ 222 a year. So I request to the world from the bottom of my heart to send the SEVEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS.

For the FOURTH YEAR April 2013 to March 2014 – 

I need TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS... I have got THREE, so I need another SEVEN!

I need your small contribution and help to support me for one year with a Rs. 1000/- per month ($ 18.5) for one whole year ($222), so that it will take care of my minimum monthly needs, so that I can work in a more effective manner and concentrate in my mission with the farmers' families:

I need this great help from the world because whatever fund is raised for the Trust is solely used for Trust Related Expenses. I don’t take a single rupee from the Trust’s Fund for my personal use.


House Rent: Rs. 3000/- (with electricity)
Food: Rs. 2500/-
Conveyance: Rs. 2500/-
Net & Phone Bills: Rs. 1500/-
Daily Needs Items: Rs. 500/-

Total: Rs. 10,000/- (Monthly expenses)

Please do let me know if you will be able to support me for one year with Rs. 1000/- or $ 18.5 monthly pledge for the cause. I will be very grateful for your invaluable support and your kind act will be cherished all my life for helping the affected families in Vidarbha. I look forward to hear from you at the earliest with a great hope.

Thank you so much for your kind support for the movement. I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Also please follow the exclusive blog to know about the progress of the movement. Thank you once again for everything. Sai Baba bless you always & forever!


Johnny D
Support 4 suicide farmers families
Wardha, India

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