Friday, April 12, 2013


Angels are visibly invisible!

This year it has been a testing time for the world and me. There are very-very few visibly invisible angels who have come forward to help and support me for a year. The sleepless nights continue to haunt me. I wonder how will I continue forward in the “Journey of Destiny”? Nevertheless, I am not the one to give up and will continue finding new ways and keep knocking doors of the invisible angels. I am also looking out for an opening and yes, I need blessings of one and all so that I find a job soon.

The FOURTH BEAUTIFUL ANGEL is a sweet kind angel from Bombay... who has been helping the movement in various forms time and again. And when I approached her, she was quick to respond with a big YES! I have met her many-many years ago during my stint as a journalist. All these years, we have been in touch either through SMS or at times over phone. She has also involved others to help the movement in her own special way. Angels like her make one to believe that goodness among humans still exists in today’s modern world!

She has requested that her name should not be disclosed. I respect her privacy and I wish to thank her from the bottom of my heart for all her kind help and support from the very start of the movement. I know sweet angels like her will always strengthen the movement in its own special ways. Sai Baba bless you always and forever!

I still need SIX BEAUTIFUL ANGELS more to support me and I look forward to the world to send me these Beautiful Angels, so that the “Journey of Destiny” keeps moving forward to help and support more affected children in the region of Vidarbha. I know my Sai Baba will send the SIX BEAUTIFUL ANGELS to assist and help me, I know HE will!

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