Saturday, April 6, 2013


Angels are visibly invisible!

As if on instinct, hearing my voice of distress deep in his heart, he called me out of the blue on my birthday and complained that I have not called him since a long time... we talked over here and there over phone for a while... still, he didn’t wished me ‘Happy birthday!’ After a long time, finally I said, “It is my birthday today and you don’t even remember it?” He laughed aloud and wished me and said, “Life is like that...”

Manjit Singh and I have grown up together and we have spend the best and the worst of times together. He is my only friend in the whole world, who was, is and will always be there when I need him the most. His house and his small family are and will always be mine with no conditions attached. His beautiful considerate wife Bindu is one of the most beautiful angels, who always insist that I should live with them and all three of us grow old to support each other. No blood relations at all but the bonding we have shared in the past few decades have been totally astounding. The most wonderful aspect of our strong bonding is that we have never kept any record of any financial transaction. Whenever one is in trouble, we just have to call or send message and like genie, we have helped each other, whosoever is in good position.

Like me, he too, has gone through a lot but we have both come out strong each time we have been down in life. When he came to know about my crisis, he said don’t worry, things will be better. And today, like the genie, he deposited one full year of contribution and said, “Done!” Well, a friend like Manjit Singh is very-very rare in one’s life!

I have been going through sleepless nights and to a great extent Manjit has made me realize that the much required SIX BEAUTIFUL ANGELS will also come forward from various places to support and help me for the Fourth Year.

Sai Baba bless your loving family always and forever dear friend! I am truly grateful that I have you as my friend for life!

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