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100 SMALL AIRPORTS BY 2020: PM Manmohan Singh – The Hitavada, Dtd: 22nd Sept 2013

On the 21st September 2013, India’s Prime Minister laid the foundation stone for Kishangarh Airport in Rajasthan, to be operational by 2016 @ a cost of 161 Crores in First Phase.

“An ambitious scheme to develop a network of 100 smaller airports in the country is being implemented. Focus earlier was on developing airports in metro cities and now more than 100 airports will be set up in small town & cities,” Singh said.

I am certainly not against the development of our nation. However, the callous governance under the most corrupt Prime Minister of India is in fact hell bent to snatch away every inch of fertile land owned by thousands of marginal farmers to bring dooms day nearer for this great nation, which is dominated by the Agricultural Sector.

While there is no money or any concrete plans of the Government of India to safeguard rotting of food grains worth 58,000 crores annually to build storage facilities, there are billions and billions of dollars available to build 100 plus airports. Even a school going children will say that building storage facilities to safeguard food grains from rotting should be done on war footing to feed the nation rather than building airports, which will serve only the few elites. How callous can the Government be?

What will happen when there will be no fertile land left for cultivation? How will the nation feed the ever growing population with land getting scarce and scarce? How will the depleted percentage of farmers of the nation meet the demands of the nation’s citizen? Will HUNGER be the Order of the Day for the future generation?

It is certainly not rocket science but common sense that building 100 airports will need more than 1,500 Acres* x 100 Airports = 1,50,000 Acres (*Approximately 1,500 acres of land is needed to build an airport) and if this huge number is divided by Marginal Farmers’ average 2 acres of land, one will get a figure of 75,000. That means 75,000 farmers will not only lose their fertile land but also lose their livelihood to feed their families.

I often wonder, how the people in the air-conditioned offices in Delhi are planning “Development of the Nation” and how their priorities are prioritized and approved by the Prime Minister! They are not even ashamed to claim the huge losses of food grains every year, which are stored mostly in open-air storage even when the monsoon is in full swing. In fact, this is the perfect plan of the Government to benefit the kith and kin of most of the politicians, who own Liquor Distilleries, who buy the rotten food grains from the government owned FCI (Food Corporation of India) @ Rs. 0.60 /- a Kg.

While our farmers have been increasing their productivity year after year since the last three odd years because of good monsoon, the callousness of the governance is breaking all the barriers of shamelessness and new heights of corruption. There seems to be no end to callous and corrupt governance under the leadership of Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi. In spite of the record output of food grains, prices of every food grains, vegetables and food items have escalated to a new height… it has become difficult for everyone to buy rice, wheat, pulses etc etc. Where exactly are we heading as a nation? Is this really the Economic Development of the Nation or the Dooms Day of the Nation?

When I look at the cute tiny-tots today, I wonder how their dangerous future is fast approaching them without their knowledge. No one seems to bother about the future of the generation ahead… there will be no fertile land, scarcity of food, water and there will be chaos all over. Shortage of farmers, fertile land, water, food grains… I wonder, will these 100 plus airports feed the nation then?

Even the so-called uneducated Korku Tribal of Melghat Region in Amravati, Maharastra are by far intelligent enough to build custom made silos in their home to safeguard their food grains from rodents and rain. Why the Government of the Nation is so callous in its approach to safeguard rotting of food grains? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Custom made Silos build by Korku Tribal of Melghat Region

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