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The pathetic state of government owned godowns by Food Corporation of India (FCI) is hard to believe. In the last 67 years since the Independence, none of the Prime Minister except Lal Bahadur Shastri, have bothered about the farmers’ hard selfless devotion to feed the nation year after year, generation after generation with their blood and sweat… working in hot summer, heavy rains and chilly winters, often giving away their lives and their families. While the farmers produce enough food grains for the citizen, the politicians have not bothered to support the farmers by building enough godowns for the nation to safeguard the food grains.

FCI Open-air Storage...

Barely 20 % of the total food grains produced in the nation are stored in closed godowns and the rest 80 % are stored in Open-Air storage areas by the FCI. Any fool will say – Build enough godowns to save the excess grains, so there will be no shortage even in the worst of worse times. Tell me how difficult it is for the Government of India to build enough godowns at war footing? The PM talks and claims that India is a fast economic growth in the country… honestly, with 58,000 Billion worth of food grains being allowed to rot every year, the nation is in fact, the worst than any third world countries. In the last TEN years, the Manmohan Singh government has not even bothered to build sophisticated godowns in the nation.

58,000 Crores worth of food grains rot every year because of callous approach of the GOVT


KORKU, a small uneducated tribal of Melghat in Amravati district of Maharastra is much more progressive in nature than the Government of India having top bureaucrats with highest education backing their credentials. The Korku tribesmen are marginal farmers and live mostly by tapping various natural resources to feed their big families. Even though their possession in their hut reflects their poor condition of living, what is amazing is that 90 % of the villagers have huge custom made SILOS in their huts, thereby protecting their precious home grown food grains from rodents and wastage.

90 % of the Houses in Tribal Villages of Melghat have two custom made SILOS...

I have interacted and lived with the Korku tribesmen in their villages in Melghat and made a note that if these tribesmen are hired by the government, they can build SILOS for the nation and protect all the wastage of food grains in the nation using their ancient effective knowledge to safeguard food grains from rodents and moisture. Please read in the link given below:


Corrupt governance is the hallmark of Indian politicians. While the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi talk to curb corruption, what is needed is the implementation of a strict law to put the full stop on hoarding food grains and essential food items. The intent of the government should show to the citizen that they mean serious business by acting serious and tough. If the government is strict in implementing such a law, none of the hoarders would dare to hoard stocks to create artificial shortage. This simple solution is so easy to implement by the nation’s ruling government… but the government always love to complicate situation and crisis to such magnitude that everyone forgets what the simple real problem was. In spite of Indian farmers producing record breaking food grains each year, there is always a shortage of food grains and because of these hoarders, prices of essential grains have skyrocketed to a new high. WHY? Is that so complicated to understand such a simple modus operandi of the power of the greed?


Most of the Politicians and Big Corporations of the nation own most of the Media Houses and Television News Channels. They all indulge in speculating serious issues every now and then to create panic among the business community and common man. How difficult it is to implement a strict law to all the media houses and TV News Channels that speculation of any kind regarding issues related to food grains will be dealt with serious effective consequences. The Government of Nation has to put the full stop of all media speculation to protect and farmers of the nation and the citizen… after all, a government is elected to benefit the citizen of the nation and not to keep killing innocents with their policy making. Media Speculation is a very serious issue that the government needs to tackle first to benefit one and all.


What a pity and ironical it is! It is not the farmers who earn the most from their hard work in growing food for the nation but, it is the traders’ lobby and middlemen, who make the most with their killer and greedy instinct by exploiting the helpless farmers. The traders’ lobby and the middlemen have to be stopped to help the farmers grow to earn most from their hard work. Farmers are the only manufacturer in the world, who are not allowed to put a “Sale Price” for their produce or products, unlike all the other manufacturers. Until and unless the farmers’ community is stopped from the exploitation by the middlemen and traders’ lobby, not even a single government in the world can ever protect the rise in prices of the essential food grains. 


Is the GOVERNMENT really keen to put a full stop to HUNGER, POVERTY and wastage of food grains?

Certainly, GM Crops are not the right solution to meet the challenges ahead to feed the growing population but these simple effective steps.

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