Sunday, September 8, 2013


Angels are visibly invisible!

The Fourth Year of the “Journey of Destiny” has been a testing time. However, I have been blessed by the omnipresence of my Sai Baba by my side all through. HE has been very-very kind to send me the Beautiful Angels at the right time to allow me to continue the “Journey of Destiny”.

The Seventh Beautiful Angel has been very-very kind to me with his selfless and kind support and help for the second consecutive year. He was introduced to me by the Beautiful Angel Ankit Tulsyan last year. What is amazing about the Seventh Beautiful Angel is that without even knowing me, he came forward to help and support me all because his friend Ankit asked him to. Over the past one year, we have been interacting over phone on and off. He has been a gem of a person and as my Seventh Beautiful Angel, I must confess… he aspires to do more for the under privileged in his own ways. I wish such angels are very-very rare in today’s world.

This year during one of conversations he came to know about my difficulties in finding Ten Beautiful Angels. Without any hesitation he said, “Sir, I will help you this year too!” Even though I am yet to find another Four Beautiful Angels, I stated that it was not a good idea and refused his kind gesture with all my respect. He said that he wants to help me with no burden to him and that I must allow him to do so. He will be happy that he could be of any help at all. I tried my best to convince him but he didn’t agree to my requests.

Unlike last year, I requested him that this year, he must allow me to write his name here in my blog post and only then I will allow his kind help. He requested me not to mention his name… but I insisted that the world should know about such a kind Beautiful Angel, who is selfless and is always there to help the mankind.

Sajan Mittal is an Engineer from VNIT Nagpur and is based in Orissa. I wish to thank Ankit Tulsyan first to introduce the Beautiful Angel to me. Sajan I wish to let you know that I am very-very grateful to you for your kind help and support for the second consecutive year. Sai Baba bless you always and forever! May your tribe grow stronger and bigger in coming years!

For the Fourth Year of the “Journey of Destiny”, I still need Three Beautiful Angels more… I know my Sai Baba will send them soon to me.

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