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16 - 04 - 2010 to 16 - 04 - 2014 : FOUR YEARS IN WARDHA - PART ONE

Om Shri Sai: I feel blessed to be destined by My Sai Baba to walk the "Journey of Destiny". 12th of March 2010, I dedicated my life to serve the suicide affected farmers' families in Vidarbha Region of Maharashtra, India to start the one-man-crusade - "Support 4 Suicide Farmers Families" from the Streets of Bombay.


Covering Rati Agnihotri's Beautiful Home for Society Interiors: I was a Film Journalist in Bollywood and later graduated to be the Editor of CW INTERIORS magazine. This is the life I was destined to give away to serve the affected farmers' families in Vidarbha. I have no regrets whatsoever! I feel blessed!

This is how the one-man-crusade began.

Swapnil's younger brother Sagar helped me with the Logo of the one-man-crusade. Color Codes reflect - Green = Agriculture; Red = Farmers' Life; Yellow = A New Ray of Hope; White = Indifference of the World.

With Swapnil Barai and his Parents on 16th April 2010: It was day one in Vidarbha. Swapnil and his family welcomed me with open arms. I knew him because he was following my blog from day one and we exchanged mails and later talked over phone. He assured of all his help over phone. I thanked My Sai Baba to send Swapnil Barai in my destiny as My Second Sai Baba. His undying support and help of his loving family made it possible to settle down in Wardha.

In the balcony of my new home in Wardha.

First trip to Yavatmal to interact with farmers to understand the real crisis on real grounds.

Research work on Irrigation Scam in Vidarbha Region. This Irrigation Canal has taken 28 Long Years and it is still incomplete in spite of billions of rupees have been sanctioned. Congress Chief Ministers have come and gone but the results are right on your face.

This Canal looks ready but there is no sign of Water from Gosikhurd Dams. In the Congress - NCP ruled State of Maharashtra, it is the BJP Contractors (as stated by Newspapers' Reports) who have looted the nation. It is so simple to conclude that more than 70,000 Crores have been siphoned by all the three major Political Parties to give birth to VIDARBHA IRRIGATION SCAM. Yes! Everyone is passing the bucks and there is no sign of any reprieve for the Vidarbha farmers. The REAL REASON is: All the water for irrigation has been diverted for Big Corporate Houses to build Power Plants. In spite of more than 200 odd Power Plants (near about 90 odd new Power Plants were sanctioned last year by the CM), there are many villages in Vidarbha Region, which has not seen ELECTRICITY even today.

During my research work to understand the real crisis, I interacted with many suicide affected farmers' families in various villages. 

The Brave Heart of Salod Village: Farmer Widow Aruna Jivan Barade and her children. I promised her that I will help one of her child with Future Education Funds as soon as the Trust is registered. After I wrote about her state in my Blog, she was fortunate enough to get many help from many organizations and help from her own village. 

I made a new friend in Vidarbha - the Little Angel.

My First Diwali in Vidarbha was at Naigoan Village in Yavatmal. Dining with Organic Farmer Shri Naigaonkar, his son and farm labourers and the Little Friend Saurabh (sitting next to me). It was the most Peaceful Diwali celebration I have ever had in my life. Naigaon is an amazing village, which celebrates Diwali (the festival of crackers) since many-many years  without bursting any crackers in the whole village. The farmers are reasonably well to do and has very high percentage of Education. I was also made to be part of the family of the Naigaonkars.

Cattle of the Organic Farmer at Naigaon.

Creating awareness about the dangers of GMOs on my Facebook Page and through my Blog.

Unlearning is the greatest learning in one's life. The "Journey of Destiny" has seen many obstacles and challenges on its way. However, My Sai Baba has always send me "Beautiful Angels" to support and help me to keep walking one step at a time. It is a long lone journey ahead and I feel blessed for being the destined to walk the "Journey of Destiny" for having experienced many miracles ever since I started.

The "Journey of Destiny" continues...

... to be continued in PART TWO...

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