Thursday, July 22, 2010

DESTINY RULES… (22ND July 2010, 1220 Hrs)

Humans are born with pre-destined destinies and I superscribe to the fact, to many it is the belief that they can shape their own destinies. Each to his own, no offence to others who believe so.

19th June when I left for Mumbai, I had planned to be back within a week’s time. However, just two days before leaving, I got viral fever and had to cancel my trip. I had planned to leave Mumbai forever in the month of September as per plan but suddenly after my sickness and recovering I decided it would be better if I leave Mumbai in July itself and much to my friends’ persuasion, I finally left on the 20th once for all. Once I landed in Wardha with bags and baggage, I was so much at peace. Now I know this is where my destiny wanted me to be for the rest of the life.

In my wildest dream I had never thought I would take such a step before March 2010. People flock to Mumbai in search of jobs and here I am, left the dream city to find my calling. Since the last month, I have not been able to blog because windows 7 collapsed and the day I reached Wardha, Sagar repaired it immediately. Life in Mumbai had been very busy trying to arrange for old magazines for our small unit. Many people promised me that they would send some but there was only one person (a celebrity), who was kind enough and took the zealous effort to send 19 kgs of old magazines. And what makes this individual special and worth mentioning is that s/he didn’t even wrote her / his name in the sender’s address. It stated only Annapurna Building, Yari Road, Versova, Andheri… through this post, if at all s/he is reading, I wish to thank her / him from the bottom of my heart for the valuable contribution.

Three Management girl students from Jankidevi Bajaj Institute of Management, SNDT campus Juhu collected 30 old magazines from their seniors room to give me a call to collect it. Actor Shreyas Talpade, who I have known since his IQBAAL days, was so sweet to send me a little more than 10 kgs of old magazines. Shreyas has been very considerate and he took the effort to send his man Friday to collect old magazines from the raddiwalas in his area to realise how important it is to support such a cause. He is been very kind to even assure all his help whenever needed. Tejal Rajyagor, my ninth angel too chipped in with whatever magazines she could carry during our meeting in Mumbai. It is the effort that counts and honestly, I knew such a problem may occur, so I went to Mumbai. I managed to collect more than 100 old magazines lying in my flat. So for a start, we have managed to collect enough magazines to start with.

The paper envelop making unit will have to wait till the monsoon season is over because the dampness in the atmosphere will not allow the glue to stick well. Packing old magazines and carrying it to station to book from parcel office took a great physical labour but I was enjoying every bit of it for reasons really unknown to me. Even though I felt tired with hectic times, the joy that I managed to gather so many old magazines in such a short time is unparallel indeed!

Everything fell in places at the right moment as it has been destined… I was just doing what I was supposed to do. In India, there is an old saying – Daane daane pe likha hai khaane wale ka naam (In each morsel of food, the name is written of the person who will eat it) – From glitzy Bollywood Parties in Five-stars… here I am enjoying food in villagers’ houses in Vidarbha… destiny rules!

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