Wednesday, July 28, 2010

INSPIRING ANGEL (28th July 2010, 1455 Hrs)

As I had written earlier that angels are visibly invisible for all of us, and only, when they enter your life, you will be able to see them and feel their presence. They come from nowhere to provide help, support to make you feel blessed. A beautiful angel came to lend her helping hands through Facebook… and she is a management student. What really amazed and made me feel happy about her is that she is young and feel so much for the serious national issue that she has come forward with a promise to do something concrete as soon as she will start earning.

The effort to reach out for others is the ultimate blissful emotion any human can really have. I am sure each one of you reading this post will agree with me because each one of us have felt such a blissful state in our lives many a times… the inspiring angel has enliven the state within me and I know she will do a lot when the time comes to support the cause.

Prerana Sharma hails from Greater Noida and is pursuing MBA in International Business from Birla Institute of Management Technology. She joined the Events in Facebook to show her support like many others and over a period of time took active part to encourage me through her comments. Each time she used to tell me that if there is anything I need, she would be there… this assurance surely was very valuable and encouraging for me to get strength to do what I am doing. Once we were chatting and Prerana said, ‘I really wish that my studies finish fast so that I can support the movement both financially as well as with her active part in helping the suicide farmers’ families.’ Wow! I felt a strange indebtedness towards this beautiful young girl for her commitment even when she is just a student. I know for sure that Prerana will do many things in her life to achieve greater heights and will spread joy with her radiance in many-many lives. 

Oh yes, Prerana was inspired when I recently shifted from Mumbai with bags and baggage. She wrote, ‘By shifting to Vidarbha you have shown your single minded determination and I am really happy for the decision.’ What is more noteworthy about her is that she is spreading the word fast about the movement among her friends’ circle and even asking them to support the cause. Honestly, I have no words to thank her for all the things that she has been doing to support the widows of Vidarbha.

There is a misconception among the elders that the younger generation are not aware about the national scenario forget about world. However, I will beg to differ here because it is the younger generation who have come forward to support the movement and yes, they are well aware about the current situation of the nation and the world. For many of them, with whom I interact… I have seen their zeal to do something better for the nation in various fields… now this is something really beautiful as the younger lot will nurture a better future for not only their kids and families but also the nation. In my quest, I am truly blessed with all the inspiring angels, who have joined hands to help the suicide farmers’ families in Vidarbha…

Before I die… Vidarbha should become ‘suicide free’ and become famous for its cotton. I know all these angels will never let this movement die even after my death to one day see ‘Suicide Free Vidarbha’ in near future!

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  1. True.I agree with you Johnny.Amazingly,i got the picture on the first day itself when i came to know about Prerana.Extremely compassionate and sincere devotion for the cause are her real attributes that actually make her an "inspiring angel".