Monday, July 26, 2010


I must specially mention the name of actor Shreyas Talpade for his undying support to support the suicide farmers’ families in Vidarbha with much gratitude for his effort and assurance to do more. I have known him since his IQBAAL days. I have enjoyed interviewing him for his humaneness rather than being a star from Bollywood. And from that instance, we have often bumped in various parties and inspite of his growing stature in Bollywood as an actor of true substance, he always remained a person with great humility.
I left a message on his cell requesting him to contribute with old magazines for our small unit. The next day, Shreyas called and was amazed to know more about my devotion. He promised me that soon he would send me the magazines and said that I should feel free to ask more of his help for the movement. Truly, I was moved by his gestures because many from Bollywood have not yet come forward like he did. No hard feelings though as there have been very few actors, who have come forward to support the cause in their own special ways. Jaya Bhattacharya, Nausheen Sardar Ali, a well-known director (prefers to remain anonymous though) have all been very supporting with their invaluable support to see this movement growing from strength to strength.

Shreyas and I had been talking over phone since the first message and one fine day, I received a huge packet with old magazines from him. When I called to thank him he revealed that since he didn’t had many old magazines, he asked his man Friday to collect from three raddiwalas all the magazines to send to me. He has even spread the message to all his friends in Bollywood to collect old magazines for the cause. His assurance that if the movement requires anything, he should be informed made me feel very proud of his commitment. I know for sure Shreyas is the man, who will not go back on his words and his support will always be cherished with much gratitude. I wish to thank him through this post for all his help… thank you Shreyas, thank you so very much!

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