Saturday, July 31, 2010


For 45 days, I will be running on the roads of Vidarbha in the month of November – December covering all the 11 districts and near about 200 villages / small towns & main cities of the region to spread awareness and raise funds to support suicide farmers’ families. The months from mid-November to December, the region witness the harvesting season and maximum farmers’ suicide are witnessed.

200 Villages, small towns & cities will be touched & covered during the 45 days run through the 11 districts of Vidarbha

1). To raise funds for Vidarbha farmers’ widows and their children

2). Generate awareness about the ill-effects of suicide

3). Spread awareness about the use of paper envelopes made by farmers’ widows to save the environment

4). Spread awarenesss about the benefits of organic farming

5). Cultivate grassroot culture among the school children to protect environment

6). Trees plantation drive

7). Teach farmers to construct bhaands around their fields to increase ground water table

8). Request people to contribute old magazines for paper envelopes making unit

9). Request more farmers’ widows to join the small unit of paper making envelopes for “Vidarbha Widows Earn-to-save Environment”

Through this post, I would like to request one and all to come forward and donate generously in whatever ways one may or can to support this event… I know it is very challenging indeed to be on the roads for 45 days but my determination and devotion to do more for the farmers’ widows in Vidarbha is what is keeping me going to make this movement bigger so that in near future there are lesser farmers’ suicide in Vidarbha.

Farmers work zealously to feed the nation and the least we all can do is to help them continue farming and not quit farming to migrate to cities, while the government sits carelessly to claim proudly that the nation has the audacity to allow wastage of 58,000 crores worth of food grains every single year when near about 40% of children are dying in the nation because of mal-nourishment… I really wonder as to why these children or the poor, who have no access to food are not fed with all these food grains… not only the wastage will provide life to the poor and hunger but also strengthen the nation…

Tomorrow the month of our Independence will commence and I am indeed amazed that since the last 63 years the government of India has not even bothered to build enough FCI Godowns to store the total produce of the farmers of the nation safely, who toil hard in hot sun and heavy rains to feed the nation… indeed this is the biggest shame and the most serious issue that our government needs to tackle in war-footing… because only day before yesterday I read in the papers that our Supreme Court has finally woken up from its 63 years’ sleep to state – “Wasting even a single grain of food is a crime!”… so I wish to ask will the Supreme Court prosecute all the Prime Ministers of the Nation since our Independence in 1947? Will justice prevail or just melt like ice and vanish in vapours…

Obviously, it is the later which will happen as always to vanish in just vapours and next year the wastage of food grains in the country will raise to more than 60,000 crores and the Supreme Court and the Prime Minister will once again go to sleep for another 60 odd years… Imagine 80% of the yearly produced food grains are still stored in open air to rot and we the nation proclaim to the world that ours is the fastest growing economy… Is this really the growth of our nation? I leave it to one and all to think about…

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