Saturday, August 27, 2011


More than 120 Scams & still counting... in the last 7 years of Sonia Gandhi - Manmohan Singh – UPA Govt.

2G Scam is nearing to tighten the noose at the individual who benefitted the most – Robert Vadra, so to divert the nation’s attention a very well-planned movement was started as many leaders have been pushed inside Tihar. It is the fear of the big leaders & corporate heads whose involvement in Black Money, 2G, CWG, Adarsh, Land Grabbing and what not, which has created a myth to turn into the reality for the sleeping nation to get swayed.

PM, Sonia, PC and FM’s involvement in 2G Scam is now intelligently at the back burner.

The unthinkable Congress’ intelligent move worked in favour to create a mass frenzy following for just a bill that will not see it come in many more years.

While the nation has gone crazy over the bill, no one is really trying to understand how well everything was staged to fool the nation by every political parties, corporate (involved in all the scams – Tata, Ambanis & others).

Sonia Gandhi’s well-planned intelligent exit (surgery, did she really have one?) from the scene just before the fast started so that no one can blame her for all the chaos in the nation.

The man only wants a debate on the bill in the Parliament and not the resignation of the biggest looter of the nation – PM Manmohan Singh... so when and where the debate will end, no one is even thinking about that??? So silly na?

Name one man among 1.21 billion Indians, who is fit to be a Lokpal (even if the bill is passed)? After all s/he will be assisted by IAS & others... so what is the guarantee there will be no corruption.

I am surprised that neither the Opposition BJP & Gangs nor the man of the moment has even uttered or shown their seriousness to make the PM to step down from the chair even after 120 Scams, zillion of dollars looted and loss to the nation... the loot is still on.

Solution to make the existing system of Law to be stronger and punishing the corrupt ASAP to show the seriousness is never even discussed as the solution to make the system effective and has been missing since time immemorial.

The shameless PM of the nation is not at all bothered even to step down on moral grounds... well, that is the real irony of my nation! And keeps claiming he is innocent, he is helpless in coalition government and lies blatantly and shamelessly ever since he came to power.

None of the MEDIA houses are even asking Rahul Gandhi, Priyanaka or Sonia Gandhi about Robert Vadra’s rise from nowhere to become the fastest growing Billionaire of the nation in the last few years, think WHY?

The DEAL = Dubious Equation Arranged (ill) Legally! - (to fool the nation) keeps happening between the ruling government and the movement.

Whenever there is a DEAL
The fishy arrangement is to CONCEAL
While the nation is misled & FOOLED
The ‘deal’ parties both enjoy the POOL

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