Sunday, August 28, 2011


Since July 20th, Melghat Maitri and more than 300 young and old volunteers from different walks of life in various batches have done an extremely good job to serve the sick Korku villagers in as many as 40 plus villages in Dharni Taluka of Melghat Region, Amravati district of Vidarbha. Till date, not even a single infant death has been reported or experienced in these villages. The smiles on the faces of villagers to recover from sickness, is one of the priceless gifts one can experience in one’s life!

Melghat Maitri supported me to do my research and survey work at Melghat Region in June 2011 and this time, it was my turn to lend all my support to them for a wonderful job that they have been doing since the past one decade. So when I wanted to join them, I asked if they needed anything from Wardha... after a little hesitation Dr. Priyadarsh Ture said – ‘Medicines would be welcome.’ Requesting everyone on FB and also the personal contacts of like-minded people saw a lot of medicines arriving from Raipur, Mumbai, Bangalore, Noida and more are flowing in from other places too... wish to thank from the bottom of my heart in particular few beautiful angels, who came forward to send us medicines, money & their strong support:

Dr. Anandita Malik – Raipur
Sanjiv Chabbria – Mumbai
Vijay Beleri – Mumbai
Aruna Ram Kumar – Bangalore
Tarana Rajpal Masand – Mumbai
Rohit Chabbria – Mumbai
Yogesh Manikpure – Pune (contributed with cash to buy medicines on his birthday)
Uma Iyer – Noida
Deepa Nair – Mumbai (For sending us more angels to support us with medicines)
Palak Jha – Agra (To work as a volunteer leaving her 7 months son at home)

Looking at their precious support and help, few more have come forward and promised us to send us more medicines... yes, we need more medicines and those who are reading this post, please do the needful if you can... even if it is just one strip of tablets... every trickle of small dose is precious and valuable to serve the children and adults alike till October 16th.

Dr. Suresh from Pune led his team with great aplomb...

A batch may comprise of 5 to 12 volunteers from all over India under the supervision of doctors. The hardships that the young and old volunteers faces to live for 10 to 20 days in villages without proper drinking water, electricity, and a suitable place to live, take bath or attending nature’s call, have made me realize there are beautiful souls who wish to help the poor with their devotion. I am indeed proud of all these volunteers because they have left their cozy cities’ nests to come and experience life in villages... I am used to living in villages now and can walk miles and miles without water or food, but to see these youngsters walking step by step along makes me feel blessed to thank my Sai Baba for sending all these angels to serve the poor villagers.

The timely intervention with medicines and care can save many lives... it is the small effort that counts and the will that come what may, we will walk in the direction that is guided by the almighty... heavy rains too don’t deter the spirits of the volunteers, muddy slosh earth cannot stop these young brave hearts to wait, as they march towards a new horizon to spread smile on the crying and gloomy faces of the villagers. The bonding that develops in the batch mates in mere ten days is an experience that is full of emotions, promises and eternal love and affection... working as a single unit, helping each other without any thoughts, and the smile that is on everyone faces to see the other to be comfortable... well... there is so much to share.

I am indeed glad that Melghat Maitri gave me a chance to work in four villages and I feel blessed to see all the precious smiles of the infants, children, old grandpas, grandmas and parents... they shower blessings and when one batch leaves... the look on their faces can be very touching and the reassurance by volunteers that the new batch will be better than them brings new hope that they will be cared, loved and treated as the previous batch. There is so much to share about the Korku Tribe and there is so much to unlearn, learn and write about all the experiences...

I am off again to villages with the fresh stock of medicines which arrived from Mumbai and Noida... More when I come back after few days to collect another batch of medicines... till then... ACCHAKA (‘Thank you’ in Korku dialect) to one and all!


  1. Wonderful news! It is amazing what a small group of people can accomplish if they set their hearts and minds to it. Thank you.

  2. Small selfless efforts for one's countrymen can achieve great results... the WILL in the government & corrupt leaders and corporate companies are missing, otherwise no one would have to suffer in this world...

    Acchaka Catherine and you said it rightly... really appreciate your strong support for everything good in the world. God bless you!

    Cuidate :)