Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Angels are visibly invisible!

This simple sentence has seen wonders being done from various invisible angels from all across the world. I was supposed to join Dhadak Mohim, a yearly medical camp conducted by Melghat Maitri during monsoon to save poor Korku Tribal villagers in the Melghat Region of Vidarbha. Melghat Region in Amravati district has had a distinction of maximum malnutrition deaths in the nation. The commendable work of Melghat Maitri with dedicated volunteers from all across the nation, year after year, has seen great improvement in lives of the tribal villagers. Hats off to the wonderful team of Melghat Maitri for their dedicated work!

When I was to join the camp on 1st August, I just enquired Dr. Ture if they needed anything from Wardha... after an initial hesitation, he said, “If you can bring in some medicines it would be great!” So immediately, I used the FB to send across message to everyone that – WE require medicines for Tribal Villagers of Melghat! Yes, as you guessed, not many people responded but invisible angels fly from nowhere... I have full faith in them now! And I know my Sai Baba will surely send a few to support us!

A long time journalist friend from Bombay, Deepa Nair created a NOTE and made people aware about our requirements to serve humanity at large. Immediately, there were few more angels, who joined in... words started to spread in the social network... still the response has not been as I had expected, nevertheless, a few invisible angels arrived to help us with their kind support. Antas and Sweetyy Pathak from FB have shared the NOTE and I do hope more angels will come forward to send us medicines because the camp will run till October 16th, 2011. So if you are reading this post, please feel free to send us the listed medicines by 30th September 2011 to reach us.

Dr. Anindita Malik from Raipur immediately sent us whatever she could... and said she would send some more a little later... incidentally, she happens to be my dear sister... it was her Mamman who adopted me as her son! A call arrived from Bombay last week and Mr. Sanjiv Chabbria was keen and eager to help us with medicines. After our interaction over phone, he was kind enough to say that he would send it ASAP and he did! And another message arrives in my FB inbox from Mr. Vijay Beleri from Bombay. He kept us in loop and soon his bulk parcel arrives at one of our doctor’s house. There are more, who are working out to send us more medicines and hopefully, I should get them by Saturday...

I haven’t met Mr. Sanjiv Chabbria or Mr. Vijay Beleri... so they are invisible angels for me and villagers of Vidarbha, whose visibility have brought their kind support and timely help. Even though I have been interacting on a regular basis with Mr. Beleri on FB, I haven’t met him yet. Mr. Chabbria is completely an invisible angel for me and it is his kindness because he has assured to help us more often. I am truly grateful to all the invisible angels to come to our help to serve the villagers.

Sai Baba bless you all always and forever!!! WE appreciate from the bottom of our hearts for your kind support and help.

Cuidate :)

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  1. hi, i would like to contribute medicine/non-perishable foodstuff to melgat. could you message me on facebook and let me know how best i could do this? thanks. sheba thayil.