Thursday, August 4, 2011


Farm related suicides are no more confined only in Vidarbha or Maharastra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab or Kerala, but also it has become a global problem due to respective government policies, which are supporting GMOs and strong traders’ lobby including the control of market trend worldwide. The recent spate of farm labourers from Nepal and Bhutan committing suicide in America has raised an alarm in the US... Farmers are committing suicide in the developed countries too like US, UK, Japan, Canada, Australia, and many more... In fact, the farmers’ community in France is towards extinction as farmers are facing acute problem to even break even their initial investment with high price of GMOs seeds, chemical fertilizer and pesticides, labour problems, erratic natural calamities, strong market lobby to control the prices... all in all, farming has become a losing battle because of the control of the greedy shark like Monsanto and other GM Companies...

What seemed once like a greener pasture for the poor farmers of Nepal and Bhutan to earn more money, America has now fast becoming their death grounds as the economic crisis grips have made them lose their jobs with almost nowhere to go now to survive the hardships.. Most of them are planning to return home but the home condition too is not all that rosy and those who cannot sustain for longer hardships are succumbing to suicide. Not that they are the only ones who are committing suicide in America but also American farmers are also losing the battle against the government policies and the increasing debt seemed to take lives at will. Worldwide the situations are the same... what the farmers’ need? No one really bothers!!!

In hot sun, high and low temperatures and during heavy rains, the farmers’ community work selflessly to grow food for the whole world and what does the world gives them? A WELL PLANNED GENOCIDE by the top leaders of the world by promoting GMOs and supporting the rich corporate lobby, who control the market!

Why are the respective governments of every country so callous towards their approach to the most important community of the world? I really wonder at times that farmers are supposed to be the backbone of every economy and they are the most neglected sector and the most exploited by everyone in the world. In Japan, where even paddy sowing is done by computer-aided technique, farmers are leaving their villages to work as urban labours to survive. In America, many farmers are killing themselves with shot guns, as fire arms are easily available unlike consumption of poisonous pesticides in India.

A lot of information is trickling in from American and friends from various developed countries, who inform me about how the government and media are covering up farmers’ suicide in US and respective countries... however, the reality can never be hidden for long-long time from the world... almost in every country the faulty government policies are taking lives of farmer globally... Below is an excerpt about how the American policies are taking lives of the farm labourers from Nepal and Bhutan:

severe depression has swept through the Bhutanese communities all over the country because of their employability problems coupled with the US economic and resulting unemployment crises... populations who have only subsistence farming experience and no literacy should never have been resettled in an area like NH where farm jobs are non-existent, and even the most entry level jobs require applications via computer and at least a very rudimentary knowledge of English... this has been a heartbreaking situation for these refugee families, but we must also acknowledge the strain that this resettlement has placed on state and local resources, and it was inevitable that long-time residents of the state have built up resentments because the only local job opportunities are now competed for by so many new and less qualified candidates... the choice to resettle the Bhutanese in the US during our economic crisis of the past several years is one of the worst moves that the federal government has made because it oversaturated a weak employment market with a population that had lived in Nepal's refugee camps for 18 years (so, why now bring them over when our economy cannot support them?) and this has led to suicides on both sides -- citizens missing out on jobs they expected to be available, and the majority of refugees missing out on their expectation that there would be work they could perform here and earn a liveable wage from... when we invite a situation that brings about inevitable suicides, this situation should be immediately perceived as intolerable, and measures should be taken swiftly to prevent additional atrocities. 

More people need to speak up about this, to our state representatives and right up to the President... the refugee program needs to be protracted, ally nations need to take up the slack, and we must restrict resettlement to those who are in the most dire need of 'refuge' -- the victims of political instability in Egypt and Libya, the war refugees of Iraq that our country's military actions have directly created, the people fleeing for their lives with nowhere to go, not people who have lived for 18+ years in refugee camps in Nepal receiving subsidies of the same foods of their native cuisine, with the freedom to move about and interact with one another in relative safety, and who are now crying and begging for the chance to return to those camps where they were ‘Not Depressed’ and not living in such fear for their future!

From Burundi to Burma, from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan, refugees from around the globe have been placed in New Hampshire to start their lives anew.  Here they find new freedoms and far less dangers but new challenges as well.  Many have to learn English, the American laws, become educated and find work.  Federal programs help a lot but so do the cities and towns in which they are placed.  Now Manchester wants to put a moratorium on any new refugees resettling here.  City officials worry that they currently don't have enough resources to assist its current residents and with tight budgets getting tighter, the problem could become worse.  Today we'll look at New Hampshire's current refugee populations, what's being done to get them settled, the challenges they face and look at both sides of this Manchester moratorium debate.’

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