Tuesday, August 3, 2010

L.H.S = R.H.S (3rd August 2010, 0950 Hrs)

I must confess that I was very poor in Mathematics during my schooling days. I must also confess that in our modern day’s life, majority of us have failed to make a use of the subject in our every day life… no, I am not talking about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division… we all do the simple mathematical solutions… however, when life gets complicated, we often forget to make use of the subject…
Mathematics as the subject have taught all of us that L.H.S (Left Hand Side) is always equal to (=) to the R.H.S (Right Hand Side)… however, if you don’t provide the right solutions to the problem, you will always get a zero. The way I looked at these two short forms (L.H.S & R.H.S) of Mathematics, I have marvelled as to why till now someone else or I have never thought about its importance in solving our every day problems. It is so simple to understand these two to make life Quadra Errada Demonstrandum (Q.E.D). I must confess that I always enjoyed writing Q.E.D at the end of every problem…whether my solutions were right or wrong hehehehe…

L.H.S to me means LOOK for HIDDEN SIGNS which equals the R.H.S, which elaborates as one will get to know one’s REAL HIDDEN STRENGTH… when one looks at both the sides one will automatically find the solutions to any problems in the world. So simple yet we humans have often overlooked this aspect of Mathematics in life. The reason I am writing about these two sides is because it can be applied to everything in our lives, yet we love to complicate things (like I used to do in solving Mathematical problems in school :) to get a big zero heheheheh) to increase our woes and never solve the problems of life.

Till, I started the movement even I had overlooked these two sides, even though in life I have used them more often than not without knowing the full forms, which I had coined only a few days back. I was truly amazed because when a guy like me, who hated Mathematics so much can coin the full forms to understand life, I wonder why the top economist of the country (Dr. Manmohan Singh, our PM) has failed to apply them to solve the problems of the nation… instead his so-called able learned cabinet ministers have complicated every single citizen’s woes by increasing the steps to solve a problem.

Solutions seems to be nowhere in sight and imagine this has happened ever since our Independence. None, I repeat none of the ministers, who claim to serve the nation has even bothered to build enough FCI Godowns to safeguard food grains to make our nation self-sufficient and healthy, instead all they have cared to do is accumulate crores and crores of black money by every single means. While in the last 63 long years, our nation has seen malls, multiplexes, flyovers, high-rises, swanky airports, hotels, restaurants & bars have been build in great numbers, we as the nation have not even bothered to build the most essential thing for our nation – Sufficient FCI Godowns!
Our Finance Minister may claim in pride that the economy is growing at a faster pace of 9% but as an economist why has he overlooked this simple solution to allocate funds to build enough godowns for our nation’s better future on war footing. While we may have achieved to find presence of water in the moon, our hard worked poor farmers’ produce are being allowed to rot in open to the tune of 58,000 crores every single year. Our billionaires may acquire foreign companies to make our nation’s proud, none of the 331 so-called rich have bothered to donate godowns for the sake of nation’s future. Well, the least said about our Agriculture Minister’s callousness to kill more farmers every year will hardly matter to his ambition to be the head of the ICC… I wonder what will he achieve by cricket? Will the crores worth rotting food grains be saved he one is creating records in cricket… does constructing godowns take 63 long years to complete?

Ironical and really pathetic that a simple solution to construct enough food grains godowns for the nation was not and is not on the HIGH PRIORITY for the government of India and yes, on the 15th of August, we will play patriotic songs, unfurl the tri-colour, talk of freedom, show-off our patriotism and what not… Wake up young generation if you really want to make the L.H.S = R.H.S… Only you can change our nation… so look for hidden signs to find your real hidden strength to prove there exist simple solutions to every problem.


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