Saturday, September 4, 2010

A DARLING ANGEL (4th September 2010, 1400 Hrs)

Some angels don’t stop at anything and I feel so-so blessed and thank Baba for giving me such loving angels... trust me it feels so wonderful to be surrounded by a group of dedicated, devoted and loving angels all the time.

You all must be wondering who is this darling angel and why I have titled this post in such a manner... hai na? Well, yesterday as a big surprise a parcel of 15 kgs arrived from Mumbai for our small paper envelopes making unit. It was sent by Nausheen Ali Sardar... honestly, she has already done lots to support me as one of the ‘Ten Beautiful Angels’, not to mention spreading word among her friends’ circle about the movement. She is always there and I know she will always be there with all her support... she always tells me – ‘wish I can do a lot more and give time and do all that is required.’ These are not mere words folks because she means every single word of what she is saying... and you will be reading a lot more about her contribution in coming months and years to come by.

I have been writing about all the beautiful angels who have come forward with whatever they could do or are doing to stand behind me as ‘the strong pillar of strength’ to keep me moving ahead without any fear. The support system strengthens my will to do more every single day for the farmers’ widows and their children, so they all can lead wonderful lives like most of us. 15 kgs of old magazines is a boon for our unit and I wish to thank the darling angel for being so compassionate to support us with her valuable contribution. Thank you Nausheen for the old magazines, we are truly grateful to you for all you are doing for this movement. We need many more kilos of old magazines because once the unit starts its production it will be an ongoing process.

Little Sheetal Ramji Barde’s request for ‘One Old Magazine Per Month Per Individual’ seems to be unheard so far... so far, only one magazine was received from SAREGAMA company... I have full faith in all of you who are reading this post or else who have seen Little Sheetal’s Request... will come forward to send one old magazine in days to come, I know you all will for sure... it is just about time you all angels out there will realise how this unit will impact the global environment through the victimised farmers’ widows, who will earn small amount with their hard work but will play a major role to save the environment with this act. The environment belongs to all of us and only when all of us chip in a little, the impact will be real BIG!

So with the BIG Hope from all of us here in Vidarbha to all of you out there... one old magazine per person per month is all we request from the bottom of our heart...

Cuidate :)

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