Sunday, September 5, 2010

THE GURU I WORSHIP – PART II (5th September 2010, 2145 Hrs)

.... Cont’d from Part - I...

I never realized then why he did what he did to spend time so devotedly with me while neglecting all the other students. Many years later, when circumstances of hunger made me a journalist by fluke and destiny, he was the first person I remembered when my first article appeared in The Times of India, ten years ago. I remembered the red ink in my home work copy and deep in my heart thanked KK Roy Choudhury Sir from the bottom of my heart... and yes, that was the day I realized why he devoted so much time on me...

Even though I have contributed articles in various topics and subjects in more than 60 National & International Publications of repute, I still do commit silly mistakes while writing English and then I remember my English sir hehehehehehe... After X th, I did my XII th Board from Kendriya Vidyalaya Manauri, Allahabad... Among all the three batches (Arts, Science & Commerce), I was the only student to get ‘distinction’ in English subject... I got another ‘distinction’ in Geography but failed in Maths... the only student in the whole school to score two distinctions and a compartmental... I have no regrets whatsoever, though I had to struggle in life later.

I wrote to Roy Choudhury sir that I got ‘distinction’ in English & Geography but failed in Maths... he was so ecstatic to read the news that he went to all his classes to tell proudly that his student had scored a distinction in English... Now such wonderful teachers are very rare to find and I am truly blessed to come in contact with such a loving Guru in shaping my destiny towards a perfect path. After a year or so, life’s rigmaroles take a toll and I lost contact with my beloved teacher. However, when I became a journalist, I felt so-so grateful to Roy Choudhury sir that I wrote to the Principal of my old school in Panagarh, requesting him to kindly provide me with his address and contact number.

Ten days later, I received letter from the Principal with sir’s contact details. I thanked the Principal for his kindness. Well, my happiness knew no bounds and I called sir to tell that his student has become a journalist... oh, the joy we both shared that day is as fresh as if it was just yesterday... however, only after eight long years I managed to meet Roy Choudhury sir when I visited Calcutta in 2008 on work... nothing had changed between us and I felt like a tenth class student once again...He had retired from active teaching but still teach students at his home. Such a long fruitful journey... well the experience have been worthwhile and finding my Guru once again is the gift I thank Sai Baba so much.

I spend two days with his loving family enjoying delicious Bangla lip-smacking cuisine and we shared so many things to catch up for the lost time. He always used to tell me, “Johnny write about issues that are so prevalent in the society, do something good for the affected society and the poor. What will you get by writing about celebrities?” His words used to always haunt me and when I started serious blogging in 2008 raising issues plaguing the nation, there was immense peace within self... the blog ( was followed by leading dailies and news channels and international news channels BBC, Pakistan News, Nepal TV, White House and others... it felt good.

So when finally I decided to leave everything to start this movement on 12th March 2010, I called Roy Choudhury sir to ask for his blessings. Today, he is proud of his student’s decision to devote life for the farmers’ widows and their children... Honestly, I feel I am blessed to find such a loving GURU in life... Thank you so very much SIR for everything you have done for me... Happy Teachers’ Day!

P.S: Yes, I did called Sir to talk over phone today...

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