Thursday, September 9, 2010


So it is official! Now that the Prime Minister of India has opened his mouth after more than 58,000 crores worth food grains were allowed to rot in open-air so-called FCI godowns by the government. Yes, my dear citizen of the world, the food grains were made to rot with the proper knowledge of our honourable Prime Minister while he promised the poor of the nation before and after coming in power that – “We have enough stock of food grains and no Indian will die of hunger.” The fact, however, is contrary to his pre and post election promise to the nation as hundreds of poor are dying in the nation because of hunger. The statement by Dr. Manmohan Singh that the Supreme Court should not interfere with the realm of policy formulation has proved to the whole world that he was aware that such a huge amount of food grains were allowed to rot, so the Agriculture Minister can sell it to all the near and dear ones of most of the political leaders at Rs. 2/- while procuring wheat at Rs. 16/-, so they can make costly liquor to flow in the five-stars for the rich and famous to get drunk while thousands are dying without food.

Honestly, I don’t have words to describe the insensitivity of our Prime Minister... yes, it is quite impossible to distribute food grains free to 37% of the poor of the nation but without even making an effort, Dr. Manmohan Singh has revealed his weakness and inability to lead the nation towards a healthy progress. I would like to ask the PM, is policy only made for the 311 billionaires of India while killing the other billion plus population? I am appalled that such a learned person can be so-so callous in his approach because he heads the nation and everything in his home comes free or ex-gratia for being the PM!!! I am angry that instead of finding a solution to feed the hungry poor, the PM had the audacity to issue such a statement during a media meet. Modern genocide is in full swing under Manmohan Singh’s UPA – II...

Almost in every single state of India, fertile lands of farmers are being acquired for various industrialists’ ambitious multi-crores projects... while the poor farmers are being paid a pittance for their land. What will happen Dr. Singh when all the fertile lands will be owned by the rich industrialists, who speak the only language of development and growth and all the farmers will become landless? From where will food grains come then for the billion plus population Dr. Singh? Obviously, you really don’t care about others because you have few years left to live but what about the child, who has been just born? What will happen to all those children, who have just opened their eyes in this world Dr. Singh? One among these children will also be your great-great grand children... You have become so callous in your approach because of all the problems among your own party members that it is reflecting in your statements you are making nowadays in the media.

The poor farmers toil hard in the hot sun and heavy rains, come drought or else floods, they are still growing food grains for the nation while their own families goes hungry... yes, farmers of Bundelkhand have no option left so much that they are selling their wives to money-sharks to feed their children... obviously your NCW Chair person Girija Vyas must not have even informed about such a pathetic state of your country’s farmers... farmers in Bihar have to protect water for irrigation with guns leaving their sickle and plough, so they can grow food grains for the nation... farmers in Vidarbha are committing suicide because of various government policies and no infrastructure for irrigating their farm lands... farmers in Kerala are also committing suicide because of WTO policy... well, the list is endless Dr. Singh and you have the audacity to allow food grains to rot and then admonish the Supreme Court not to interfere in policy formulation... WOW!

Truly, you have proved that all your ministers are equally involved under your own wings to rob the nation’s wealth and kill the poor with whatever means you have to be in power... it is THE NATIONAL SHAME DR. SINGH that we have a Prime Minister, who is inhuman in his approach to claim to the world that Indian Economy is growing @ of 8+ GDP... in reality under your callous leadership modern genocide is in full swing where in the poor of the nation are being killed by starving them to death!

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