Sunday, September 18, 2011



One can say even with a blind eye that it was mismanagement at its best! Since it was not the Trust’s money in feeding the volunteers (they charged each volunteer Rs. 700/- to serve as a volunteer – how gross one can get?), the management really did not care at all about huge wastage of vegetables. Daily in most of the camps, vegetables to the tune of 2 to 3 kilos had to be thrown out because vegetables were dumped at various Base Camps every fourth or fifth day... it surely reflected the callous attitude of the management to waste so much (9 Base Camps x 2 to 3 kgs = 18 to 27 kgs wastage of vegetables every day)... if one calculates the average in terms of rupees... Rs. 20 to 30/- a kg x 27 = Rs. 540/- Daily... x 30 Days = Rs. 16,200 /-

I was very upset about the whole thing and used to ask other volunteers why they dump so much of vegetable once a week? Why the management couldn’t provide us daily supply of fresh vegetables? Volunteers who paid Rs. 700/- were fed vegetables that used to get stale after a day... what and why the management was so careless and callous with their mismanagement? Have they been conducting Dhadak Mohim in such a fashion since the last 14 years? All these wastage when they were serving the so-called malnourished region of Melghat... how careless and callous it was of the management not to think the basic things of conducting a camp?

Each volunteer deserved a proper accommodation, safe drinking water, toilets facilities and proper fresh food because they have paid their parents’ hard earned money and that too, for serving as volunteers... but none of the above was provided... food which was often eaten by rats was part of the scenario that is so disgusting to even think of. And since it was not their money, they carelessly allowed such wastage to go unnoticed by one and all. I wonder why they could not supply fresh vegetables on a daily basis to check the wastage... well, it showed that the management was not at all bothered about the volunteers and wastage once the volunteers had paid the 700 rupees...

Maybe for some people who are supporting the Total Mismanagement of Dhadak Mohim still think that such things are childish... but wastage of food where the poor villagers cannot even afford to buy vegetables, the management had carelessly allowed such huge wastage on a daily basis... I am appalled and totally disillusioned apart from being sad about the whole mismanagement...

(... to be continued...)


  1. we could feed all the hungry people on the planet with what get thrown away.

  2. You are right Catherine but the world doesn't wish to feed the hungry because they are more interested to make more billions by exploiting the hungry poor to fill their coffers and that is what is so disgusting and sad... wish humans open their eyes and heart soon before it is too late...

    Acchaka for your strong support always...

    Cuidate :)