Wednesday, September 28, 2011



One wonders whether one should laugh, cry or get angry at the way things were on the grounds of Dhadak Mohim 2011... Especially since the Trust have been conducting such yearly medical camps in the Melghat Region since the last 14 years! One was made to think about all the mismanagement which was so openly visible to a naked eye...

Was the management really serious about conducting such yearly medical camps year after year with so many glaring glitches and flaws in the name of serving the poor tribal villagers? Did the doctors on the panel along with the management ever discuss the list of all the important and mandatory items before the start of the Dhadak Mohim? Or was the management so over confident that no one would notice or make a note of all the glitches and flaws because since the last 14 years no one has ever pointed out all these things...

Going by the way the Dhadak Mohim 2011 was conducted, all the above seems oh so evident... it showed that the Trust was interested only in making money (money raised by charging volunteers Rs. 700/- each for 10-day-camp, donations and contributions and free medicines contributed by various individuals) and not conduct the medical camp to serve the poor tribal villagers... serving the poor was just to show to the world otherwise with such total mismanagement one wonders what exactly they wanted to achieve in the first place? One also wonders what the doctors on the panel had to say about all the missing elements – First Aid Kit, Thermometer, Bandages, Dettol, Medicines, Protein Supplements, Presence of a qualified doctor in every batch etc etc. Why the doctors on the panel had pointed out or had demanded what their requirements was for every base camp... was counselling the only agenda of the volunteers as per Dr. Ajit Roy?

Certainly, it showed how carelessly the Trust and the management conducting yearly Dhadak Mohim had managed to show to the whole world how one can achieve Total Mismanagement with such improper planning. Imagine, every Base Camp had 8 to 10 volunteers serving four villages and just ONE THERMOMETER!!! Why the volunteers were not given FOUR thermometers by the management? How were the volunteers supposed to record the temperature of the patients???

I am truly appalled at the whole situation on the grounds of Dhadak Mohim 2011...

(... to be continued...)

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