Friday, September 9, 2011



The short term vision was evident with the total mismanagement @ Dhadak Mohim this year... 14 years of experience conducting such yearly camps in Melghat Region of Vidarbha, MAITRI has done many good works in the region... so one wonders what went wrong this year? Why there was total mismanagement when they should have been flawless? Why they had only short term vision instead of long term vision to better lives of the poor Korku tribal villagers? Why they had to shut down Dhadak Mohim’s Paankhalaya Village Base Camp with effect from 7th September? Why were good volunteers blamed and accused in front of everyone by the management representative Chandrakant Jagdale?

All the ‘WHYs’ shows how the management has failed and almost everyone has confirmed in their own ways about the mismanagement... Group Leader Priyanka Kumari of Khaari Base Camp confirmed and agreed during our chat on Facebook about the mismanagement because of lack of manpower... (chat conversation is given below):

Priyanka Kumari (Group Leader of Khaari Base Camp for more than 1 month, dedicated soul)

·         ya
·         y u felt that
·         whatever u hav posted on ur blog
·         Johnny
·         m partially convinced
·         bt

i said i got whatever u hav written bt nt fully convinced
·         Missmanagement is there,,,coz of lack of man power

When the Mohim was planned and scheduled from July 20 to October 16th... so why was the Base Camp at Paankhalya shut down abruptly with an excuse that they don’t have volunteers? What will happen to all the villagers of the four villages – Paankhalya, Nagodhana, Khaparkheda and Gambhiri? It shows that the 89 days Mohim was not at all planned properly otherwise how come they don’t have volunteers to serve them at the above mentioned base? This is one more BIG Question that shows their mismanagement...

I feel so sad about all that had happened in the name of serving the poor... I am sad, very-very sad!

(... to be continued...)

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