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Raosaheb Khandare (Medical Intern @ JJ Govt Medical College Mumbai)

·      Hey Johnny,sorry for replyin u late. Anyways been there in melghat for 15days at dhodra base camp n yes i m completely agree with ur observation!

Rutuja Shirole (Volunteer @ Khaari Base Camp)

·         thank u! coulnt really make a huge diffrnce!

  • ppl need awareness badly!!!

·         really!
·         i do agree
·         rs.700 fr wt?
·         no toilts...

·         my actual purpose ws feel d ppl..!
·         n i tried my best to intract wid dem
·         bt dint reli luv d concept of HELPING dem!
·         dey cnt help dem nly in 3months

·         n i scared to giv childrn medicines..
·         bt most of dem wer treatd on PCM nly
·         cough cold fever ..
·         skin dis. n al

Priyanka Kumari (Group Leader of Khaari Base Camp for more than 1 month, dedicated soul)

·         ya
·         y u felt that
·         whatever u hav posted on ur blog
·         Johnny
·         m partially convinced
·         bt

i said i got whatever u hav written bt nt fully convinced
·         Missmanagement is there,,,coz of lack of man power

Palak Jha (volunteer from Agra @ Khaari Base Camp, she left her 7 months son to serve the poor villagers at Melghat)

·         maine abhi blog padha....i am speechless..
·         ye log aisa kaise kar sakte hai???

Meenal Tatpati (she was supposed to join as volunteer but couldn’t)

·         sorry to hear about Dhadak Mohim. I really felt it was a good platform. I can understand the need for doctors in the remote Melghat villages even more now since a little girl from my subject tribal village very near Pune fell violently ill about two weeks ago. The mismanagement needs to be reported to the authorities concerned with Dhadak Mohim though. And thanks for letting us know. I hope something good continues in Melghat. Good luck for your work!

Mahesh Puri (Medical Intern at JJ Govt Medical College Mumbai)

I m feelin vry sad 2 hear abt Pankhalya camp whr i ws cmp leader whn mohim strtd.N i ws told,it won't b closd in whole mohim under evn rough circumstances!

(... to be continued...)

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