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Unhappy volunteers who came in to serve the malnourished infants of tribal villagers in Melghat Region realized how the mismanagement at Dhadak Mohim 2011 has misled them with gory pictures of malnourished children during their drive at various colleges to ask volunteers to come and serve at the mohim. 35 MSW students from Yashwantrao Chavan School of Social Work Jakatwadi, Satara... who were serving at various camps were united in demanding the management as to why they were misled and the whole mohim had total mismanagement – from accommodation, no safe drinking water, no toilets facilities for girl volunteers, no bathroom for girl volunteers to take bath, short supply of medicines and improper orientation... before leaving the camps on 6th September at Dharni Base Camp.

This picture is posted in Dhadak Mohim's blog...

The management comprising of Dr. Ajit Roy, Ram Phad and Rajaram did accepted there were flaws and noted down all the points pointed out by various students. They promised that they will make sure such things will not happen ever in future Dhadak Mohim... however initially the management insisted to girl students that they should have adjusted a little to live in village atmosphere. To which most of the girls came on strongly and said, “Why should we adjust... we came to serve the villagers and not to adjust because there were no safe drinking water supply, no toilets and bathroom facilities for girls and on top of everything we paid Rs. 700/- for what... and how can you ask us to generate awareness about ‘Health & Hygiene’ and teach the villagers to adopt such practice when you have made us to go out in open for nature’s call?’ The management didn’t have any answers to all these questions as per students.

While travelling back to Satara and in college, the 35 MSW students did discuss at great length about their experiences at Dhadak Mohim in train... majority of volunteers were surprised that there were more NEGATIVE POINTS than any POSITIVE POINTS during their 15 days’ ordeal at various camps. All the students are making sure that when they will file their respective reports, they will write in detail about all the mismanagement for the Dean to take great notice about their ground experiences.

All these while Dr. Ajit Roy have been calling various volunteers over phone and telling them that Johnny D has not done the right thing by writing everything in the blog... volunteers demanded from Dr. Roy – ‘What Johnny D has written is not wrong and he is writing the truth.’ Dr. Roy even confessed and agreed that there were mismanagement to one of the volunteers over phone.

I really wonder as to who will trust Dhadak Mohim in future? And I am glad the students of Yashwantrao Chavan School of Social Work Jakatwadi, Satara have revealed more about the total mismanagement at DHADAK MOHIM 2011!

(... to be continued...)

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