Friday, June 1, 2012


Angels are visibly invisible !

As you all must be aware that I always start with the above quote for the simple reason: We see the angels everywhere all around us all the time, but they are really invisible to naked souls... obviously no naked eyes can say s/he is an angel. Ever since I started the “Journey of Destiny” I have been very fortunate to come across so many beautiful and amazing angels all over the world... some I have had the chance to meet and there are many I am yet to meet in person, but we are always in touch with each other.

With the year ending, I thanked the 10 BEAUTIFUL ANGELS of the SECOND YEAR on Facebook for their kind support and help to support me financially for the second year on the 1st of May. Almost immediately, Ankit wrote, “I don't believe that a year has passed. It seemed it started just few months back. Best wishes Johnny. Hope I shall be allowed to continue supporting for the next year also.


I have approached many people to kindly support and help me, so I can concentrate more effectively on the grounds to face the challenges and keep working... while many didn’t even bothered to reply, here was a young guy, who is strongly supporting and helping with consecutive second year's contribution. Ankit you are truly an amazing angel! I am blessed that I am in contact with you. We have been on regular touch over phone and do discuss various possibilities at great length about the movement. For those who are new to the blog, I have copy pasted what I had written the previous year about the amazing angel ANKIT TULSYAN.

Grateful to you Ankit and Sai Baba bless you always and forever!

Thursday, June 30, 2011


As I had mentioned in my last post, I am here to tell you about this young amazing angel, my EIGHTH BEAUTIFUL ANGEL... Meet Ankit Tulsyan! (at present working as Manager- Business Development @ Sarvajal, Ahmedabad)

From the previous post (The SEVENTH ANGEL):

Through Swapnil Barai, I came in contact with a very bright young guy named Ankit Tulsyan from Pune. His enthusiasm to help the cause and movement or any social relevant causes was really infectious... mails were exchanged and soon we were interacting over phone. His support meant a great source of encouragement and that whenever it will be required, he will always be there. I could see right through his voice that this was not merely an assurance (as most would give) but he meant every single word he was saying. We had great interaction over phones and he led me to many contacts during this journey. There is more to this young man... which I shall write very soon...

I still remember the way he sounded the first time we spoke... what enthusiasm and what all he plans to better the society at large... honestly, I have never met someone so young and so much enthusiasm to do everything possible to better lives of the poor. He works for Thermax in Pune and I have met twice so far and do often keep in touch over phone. And when I met him for the very first time in Pune last year... the night seemed short for our discussion on various issues, from farmers’ suicide to problems in the villages to urban problems... it sure was one of the most interesting sessions I have ever had with someone who was so keen and passionate to be part of the movement. He has lent me great support and many contacts as I had mentioned previously.

Ankit has also started an amazing enterprise to bring all the passionate youth in a nouvelle way:
Renaissance – India ( : The Organization envisions building a unified collaborative platform involving youth and the different development stakeholders so as to prevent repetitive and fragmented effort. The sole mission is rejuvenating Rural India!

At such a young age, if this man has a vision to unite the youth to strengthen the rural India, imagine how passionately he must be thinking about his beloved nation. For this great effort, I salute this young man from the bottom of my heart for his amazing endeavour! In spite of being a busy professional, Ankit is always networking with the like-minded people to strength his core group and interacting with well-known social activists and worker all over India and abroad.

Well, when I approached him with my mail, he was too happy to be part of the movement and without any hesitation said – “Sure brother!” I really have no words (even though I have written so much) to tell Ankit what it means to have someone like him supporting the movement with so much passion. I am sure in coming years, we all will see this young man raise to a higher platform with his visionary ideas doing a lot for the nation. Thank you so much Ankit for being my EIGHTH BEAUTIFUL ANGEL... truly, I am grateful to you for your kind support and all the help... 

Sai Baba bless you always!

Cuidate :)

... to be continued...

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