Thursday, June 14, 2012


Angels are visibly invisible !

Is it Karma? If it is, I wonder what I did good in my previous life... for my Sai Baba has blessed me with some of the most amazing friends in this life, who have always stood by me during crisis... I may write about each one of them in the ways I know with all my emotions overflowing... but their deeds far supercede my words... and only I know what and how they have helped me at the time of crisis to bring me so far in life... I really have no suitable words of gratefulness for all of them.

Raju Mishra (Satya Prakash Mishra) is a very old friend, who has and still always come forward to help me whenever I am in crisis... no questions asked, he is just there! At one time, he even sold his gold ring to raise money for me to start a small venture... recommending me to his friends, whenever I was jobless... we did lose contact for few years due to circumstances but Sai Baba finally made us to meet again at Dadar Railway Station one fine day...

When I was having bad time in Hyderabad in 1999, he was one among the three friends, who were responsible for me to move to Bombay... where destiny shaped me to become a freelance journalist... he was so kind and so also was his father-in-law, who provided me free accomodation and food for more than 8 months, till I was a little better off. I am totally indebted to both of their families for supporting me with such kindness.

I was in Bombay recently staying with him and when we were discussing about the Beautiful Angels, he said, "I will also contribute my share... so that makes five angels... so you need another five..." I am indeed very-very fortunate to have such lovely friends to support me in life... through this post, I wish to express my gratitude to Raju, from the bottom of my heart I am very-very grateful for everything you have done for me... Sai Baba bless your families always and forever!!!

I pray, everyone should have a friend like Raju in one’s life!

... to be continued...

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