Sunday, June 3, 2012


Angels are visibly invisible !

She flew from Tundla all the way to join the movement with her kind support and help in the Second Year (June 2011 – May 2012) on her own... and since then, she has been a great confidante to keep encouraging me all the time... I had barely known her through her younger brother Akash Jha then... but when she came to serve the tribal villagers as a vounteer in Melghat for 10 long days leaving her 7 months son during the monsoon in 2011... I knew Palak Jha is truly one of the most dedicated and devoted angels of the lot. Here, I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart Dr. Pavan Patrick, her husband for taking all the trouble to send his wife to serve the villagers in Melghat.

This is what I wrote in the Second Year about Palak Jha...


This year, I happened to meet her doctor husband Pavan Patrick, her son Duggu – The Rockstar (I named him The Rockstar) and Palak Jha at her Tundla home... I was welcomed with open arms with so much love and care, that I truly feel blessed to know this amazing family. When I met them, I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown I had suffered in Punjab and I was returning back to Wardha. Both the husband and wife made sure to comfort me while trying to divert my attention from the nervous breakdown... I spent two days with them and it was Duggu – The Rockstar who made me feel better in many ways...

A month later, I was once again returning from Ludhiana after spending time with my New York friend Satpal Singh... and this time Dr. Pavan and Palak insisted I should stay more days... Dr. Pavan is a devoted soul, who is working in the rural PHC (Primary Health Centre) and curing the villagers in Tundla. I spent a day with him at the PHC and his rapport with villagers surely was noteworthy. Palak is now just a housewife looking after her bundle of joy Duggu! While the husband and wife have been supporting me with all the support, Duggu – The Rockstar also became a great contributor to the movement with all his baby clothes for village children.... Even though I have written so much, I still feel strongly that no words can really do justice for their great continuous contributions and help.

When I thanked the TEN BEAUTIFUL ANGELS of the SECOND YEAR in Facebook, this is what Palak said, It is my pleasure......all the best for the movement.....hopefully continue this year also.” And she said to me over phone, “We are always there and will do whatever possible.” I am very grateful indeed to the whole family for their kindness and compassion! Sai Baba bless you and your families always and forever Palak, Pavan and Duggu - The Rockstar!

Cuidate :)

... to be continued...

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