Sunday, August 29, 2010

A COMMITTED ANGEL (29th August 2010, 1350 Hrs)

Every single rupee and every single small contribution from every single individual counts to make the mission of my life a better reality for the future of all the farmers’ widows and their children in Vidarbha. I am just a means to do the needful from your side world and I am content and grateful to Sai Baba for choosing me to support suicide farmers’ families in Vidarbha.

The fact that more and more beautiful noble angels are chipping in valuable contributions in their own respective ways, is making the base of the world’s mission stronger and healthy. Thank you one and all for your kind noble support. I would like you all to meet a truly committed angel, who came from nowhere to lend her support to strengthen our small unit. On July 22nd post, I had written about a celebrity angel sending us 19 kilos of old magazines, who never wrote her name in the parcel. The only thing that was written there was A-2 Annapurna, Versova...

Recently we received another parcel of 6 kilos of old magazines from the same angel and thank God, this time there was her name and full address. No, it was not a celebrity angel but a truly committed angel, who has the heart and soul to do the needful for farmers’ widows in her own special ways. To be very honest, I was very surprised and grateful to see Parull Gossain’s name. The reason being I must have mailed to more than hundreds of people that I have known since years, requesting for old magazines, but only a few have responded for such a noble cause. Here, I would also like to thank one individual from SAREGAMA Company Mumbai, who has sent us magazines...without writing the name... We are grateful sir / madam for your valuable contributions!

I have known Parull since the last 7 or 8 years as a Film Journalist. She has her own PR Agency and handles some of the major stars’ work in Mumbai. Our interaction over the years has been limited. Only when I received the second parcel did I come to know Parull was the committed angel and almost immediately called her office. An enthusiastic girl named Ekta responded with such a passion that I could gauge her happiness in doing something noble. Ekta informed that they will keep accumulating all the magazines in their office and would keep sending us regularly. I asked for Parull’s number and then called to thank her for her valuable contributions. A kind angel, she was glad for helping us in her own ways.

We wish more and more committed angels like Parull Gossain will come forward in the coming days, months and years to send us old magazines for our small paper envelopes making unit. From all the widows and their children here, we wish to thank our committed angel a very BIG-BIG thank you for her valuable contributions! Truly Parull, we are all very grateful to you and your office staff for such a wonderful noble act! Sai Baba bless you!


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