Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A WONDERFUL DEVELOPMENT (11th August 2010, 0025 Hrs)

So many angels are there in our world and when they enter your life to enhance your destiny, you really marvel at God’s disposition. The movement is in its fifth month and yes, I must confess that so far nothing concrete has happened. The undying effort to establish its strong base surely is taking a great deal of time slowly and steadily. The small progress is taking shape of a bigger world, a world where Vidarbha farmers’ widows and their children will benefit in very near future to lead a decent life with their heads held high. It’s my life’s mission and it certainly will take many-many years before some results will be seen by the world and honestly, I am quite content with the everyday progress.
The movement in Facebook has generated awareness to such an extent that people from all over the world are following the exclusive blog with great interest. There are many, who have come forward from nowhere to chip in with their valuable contributions and we are truly grateful to each one of you for supporting the cause with so much zeal and enthusiasm.
Today, a wonderful message arrived from Kerala. It came in as a big surprise because it came from an organization called ‘soulsindia’. The mail stated that they want to make use of the envelopes made by farmers’ widows for their office correspondence to support the cause. It is definitely a wonderful development to see how serious some organizations are to support and provide a helping hand by encouraging farmers’ widows’ endeavour.
Mahesh Nampurkar, a Pune based Landscape Architect-Designer was the first one to commit to make use of our envelopes once we start the production. Now ‘soulsindia’ has come forward and it is these sincere efforts that make us go ahead from strength to strength. Even though they have been very open about their small requirement, I must confess to be really grateful to them to make us believe that every single drop makes an ocean big. We are moving in the right direction is an indication of these organization’s trust in us that tomorrow will be a wonderful day for the farmers’ widows of Vidarbha.

Our samples will be sent to ‘soulsindia’ for their approval by next week and we know through them we will be reaching in many more offices, homes and individuals... they have surely laid a strong base for our first ever small unit... Thank you ‘soulsindia’ for your kind concern and support, we look forward for a long association with each other in years to come!

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