Saturday, August 21, 2010

MY NAME IS ARUNA JEEVAN BARDE (21st August 2010, 1300 Hrs)

I am a farmer's widow and my name is Aruna Jeevan Barde from village Salod, Wardha district, Vidarbha. My husband committed suicide because of debt. I own 2 acres of land. I work as a daily labour in my own land because I cannot afford to cultivate my land as I have no money or source. So I have leased it for Rs.30,000 per year... (Rs. 2500/- per month is my income from it)
I have three beautiful children, who have to be given good education to stand on their feet. When there is no work in fields, I work at various houses washing clothes, utensils and sweeping etc to earn few extra money so my children can go to school. In the meagre sum of money we are living our lives and so far have not stoop to begging from the world to help us because we are not beggars but hard working villagers even though we are living a life in miseries.
After the monsoon we are starting the Paper Envelopes Making Unit and we need old magazines, so we widows can work hard to earn a little from the waste...

Vidarbha Widows EARN-2-SAVE-ENVIRONMENT Project request each one of you to send us old magazine, one person one magazine... so we will have more magazines... ONE OLD MAGAZINE...

We thank you all for helping us with old magazines...

We all will be waiting with great expectations...

Support 4 Suicide Farmers Families
C/o Swapnil Barai
House No: 200
Opp: Dr. Harne's Hospital
Dhantoli Chowk
Wardha: 442001
Phone: +91 89830 04533

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