Monday, August 9, 2010


Catastrophes and devastation of nature is another side / nature of nature and most importantly, it always engulfs the poor with death and endless miseries for life. Nature of nature is so-so very difficult to understand while the modern day scientists and researchers have tried to their hilt to control such mishappenings with modern day inventions and discoveries... yet, it is always the nature who has had the last laugh to teach us humans endless valuable lessons, but we still never learn from our mistakes and egoistic nature.

For 100 odd hours, Vidarbha recieved heavy rainfall till Sunday (8th August) morning... a phenomenon that many in this region have not seen in the past few years. Even before the poor farmers could resurrect themselves from the past few years of drought situation, the heavy rainfall has this year washed away their crops in watery grave... farmers in Wardha district are the most affected and they will have to again borrow money to buy those precious seeds once again and sow them to hope, the second time nature will not play traunt with them. Such calamities and devastation by nature’s fury will not even stir one bit the city-folks, who will be busy partying in rain dance in the outskirts of city to enjoy their weekends. Political leaders will worry about the Common Wealth Games where in 1 lakh crore rupees have been swindled to stake National Pride. What a sham!

On the contrary, while there have been excess rainfall in the region, there are more than 200 odd villages in Bihar, which are facing drought... no water! I remember last year there was a similar situation in the same state, where in farmers were protecting water for irrigation with their guns to save it from nearby villages... contrasting to the scene of devastation in Leh, where the cloud burst took hundred of lives in a split second... Ahmedabad faced flash floods on Saturday because of heavy rainfall. There must be more of such happenings in various parts of the nation, which has not been reported by the media but then why we always live by the same attitude of BHAGWAN BHAROSE (God’s mercy)? Where are the scientific tools and gadgets that can forewarn mishappenings in advance? Why the respective scientists and officials, who keep vigil 24 x 7 always seems to be giving us the wrong predictions and the same excuses time and again? Why the head of the nation, the Prime Minister is so incapable to implement a more effective system to safeguard the poor population of the nation?

Crops, cattles, houses, belongings and lives are lost and washed away in floods, if not, all these things are sold to survive famine... while crores worth of food grains are being allowed to rot by the nation’s incapable system to feed the hungry and the poor. Yes, we will all march in white clothes, burn candles and lay flowers when a terrorist strike us... but we will never even bother to say a silent prayer for all those who die in nature’s fury... as long as one is not affected, we will all close our eyes, conscience and party hard to enjoy life and complain when the power supply goes for even ten minutes to blame the system. But I really keep asking myself all the time, who will save the poor from such calamities and disaster? Will we ever respect nature so that nature respects our existence? It is so-so very difficult to understand nature’s nature... Nature please have some mercy for the poor...

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