Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 KMS RUN, 4 KMS WALK – THE FIRST DAY (10th August 2010, 1430 Hrs)

At five in the morning, I got up today to start my running practice for the Nov-December run. It was surely a beautiful early morning with clouds overhead and cool temperature. Nearly after two decades I was wearing my track pants and the run was good for a start.

Age surely catches up with you and after running two kilometres, I realised my stamina was nowhere near when I was an athlete two decades ago. On the very first day I was able to run two kilometres and walk four kilometres without much effort was indeed satisfying. The determination is all in my head to run across 11 Vidarbha districts for 45 long days to spread awareness and raise funds to support the suicide farmers’ families. The foundation was laid today.
I knew well in advance after the run, my body would ache and shout for more rest before it gets seasoned in another couple of days. Yes, the body aches and climbing staircase has become an uphill task hehehehehe... the shin bone, calf muscles and thighs are facing – what we call the seasoning effect in athletics term... one week or maybe ten days... the pain is going to linger but my determination to get prepared for the run is going to soar higher as the days will go by.

I really am amazed at all times to find a new vigour and strength from within to pursue my goal to help the suicide farmers’ families... something I have never felt before in Mumbai. Life changes as destiny leads to take you where you belong... I feel so fresh inspite of all the tiredness... and in my head the song by Irene Carra from the movie Flashdance is playing – ‘Oh, what a feeling! I am dreaming now...’

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