Friday, August 27, 2010


Is this the real independent modern India the Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi had visualised before 1947? Is this the real independent India all the freedom fighters, who laid their lives for all of us fought for? How independent are the poor of our nation in Manmohan Singh’s government? Are we really living in one of the fastest growing economies of the world?

Truly so! We all should give full credit to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi’s able leadership to lead the nation in the most modern era to break a new world record to pay 99 poor villagers (Tonk village in Rajasthan) a daily wage of Re. 1/- for 10 long hours of hard physical labour in sultry high temperature of Rajasthan, under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS). Hats off to you Madam and your son Rahul Gandhi (who did a brilliant staged act of shramdan in villages to cheat voters to show his concern for poor villagers)! Hats off to our sleeping Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, who has closed his eyes to allow 1 lakh crores go in drains in the name of CWG and no action taken on Kalmadi, the main culprit! Hats off to the person responsible for the implementation and execution of all NREGA’s scheme in the nation! Hats off to Human Rights Organizations of the nation who have shut their eyes! Hats off to all the leaders in the government for whom conducting 1 lakh crore corruption oriented Common Wealth Games in the nation has become the pride of the nation when poor villagers are being paid Re. 1/- as daily wage in the name of Mahatma Gandhi!

99 villagers from Tonk village in Rajasthan worked for 11 long days to be paid Rs. 11/- each at the end of the MGNREGS’ work. Re. 1/- wage for a day’s work is the cruellest joke one cannot even think of, but the reality was well exposed by Apurva of Indian Express (Some Guarantee: In Rajasthan district, daily wage under NREG is One Rupee – Indian Express dated 24th August 2010)! A new world record was created in the modern India under UPA – II! Every Indian can truly be proud of the greatest achievement ever that our nation has achieved after finding water in the moon! This achievement by UPA – II government has surpassed all their previous achievements! I would really like to congratulate the 99 villagers from Gudaliya village for having big hearts to decide to donate their Rs.11/- wage to the Rajasthan Chief Minister’s Fund!

Tonk District Collector Pramila Surana will check on the matter, as always it happens in our great India but will all the 99 villagers get their rightful Rs. 100/- per day wage, that is Rs. 1100/- for 11 days of work? Daily wages under MGNREGS have been earlier paid from April to June as Re. 1/-, Rs. 7/-, 12/- & Rs. 25/- in Gudaliya... (will all those villagers be paid in full ever?) so the practice is not new one can say... so why have the Congress Government closed their eyes on such a heinous crime? While they can swindle crores & crores to build leaking Common Wealth Games Stadium (another great achievement of corrupt Kalmadi), how could they have the instruction to pay such a wage to daily labours in the name of MAHATMA GANDHI? Where is our Gandhi scion, who cashed in farmer widow Kalavati’s plight in the Lok Sabha to tell few leaders not to laugh on such serious national issue? The government announced that under NREGA, every labour is being paid Rs. 100/- for a day’s work, so why the Re.1/-? The details of the wages are well-documented in MGNREGA’s website too! That shows the officials’ callousness towards poor villagers...

As usual, the officials (Narendra Singh, MGNREGS mate who supervised the job site) connected blamed the poor villagers for not working for some days... such an act is not a crime under the Human Rights? Imagine such things are happening in the month of the Independence... 63 years of Freedom and the BIGGEST achievement? Well... I wish readers will just not read this to forget the next day but REACT just like they reacted to show the Rs. 2/- hike in Auto Fare in Mumbai... so are the reaction only meant when the poor gets a little or have we all really become emotionless to become highly educated inhuman? I leave everyone to judge self to raise their voices for the poor villagers, who are being exploited all over the nation by everyone to die and lead lives in miseries... my heart bleeds when I read such things... I cry to witness the crude realities of rural India... I am a human being and God has given me a heart... are you a human being too? Search for your own answers within yourself please!!!

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