Sunday, August 15, 2010

ANGELS-ANGELS COME LET US FLY (15th August 2010, 0130 Hrs)

(Dedicated to all the angels)

When angels fly to enter your life
Burden seems oh, so light!
Worries vanish from the sight
To make you feel oh, so bright!

When angels tread by your side
Your greatest fear too subside
However high may come a tide
For you angels will make them abide

New roads open up with a smile
In spite of journey of endless miles
Angels gather some more to smile
In God you believe to look up the sky

Angels are visibly invisible in broad daylight
They have no wings to take a flight
They are just like you and me
If you are lucky they will be on your side

Let us stop the world to cry
Angels-angels come let us fly...

Johnny D
15th August 2010
0055 Hrs

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