Monday, June 27, 2011

नन्हा सा बीज

(ON REQUEST: English translation is given below the Original for Global Readers)

नन्हा सा बीज,
खिलता है छोटे से अंकुर में...
हौसला तो देख इसका 'डी',
बरसों तक खड़ा रहता है शान से...  

--- स्वरचित ---

A tiny seed,
sprouts into a little plant...
Look at the courage 'd',
It stands tall for ages majestically...

Johnny D
27th June 2011


  1. Johnny your one stanza poem of four lines is simply beautiful and the symbolic meaning that it contains is not that easy for everyone to comprehend. By the way, what does ‘d’ actually represent? What do you actually want to convey through this beautiful poem? Keep up the good work my boy! Sai Baba bless you always!

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet, kind and encouraging words... 'd' is my surname and just like every poet uses his / her name, the style is adopted in most of my poems...

    No one is small... when a small seed can stand majestically for ages, we humans have many lessons to learn from it... depends on how much one is ready to learn... to be fearless and stand with pride irrespective of knowing that one fine day, someone will cut the tree, the tree doesn't hesitate to grow from strength to strength standing alone!

    Grateful for your blessings Sir! Sai Baba bless you too always!

    Cuidate :)

  3. Thanks Johnny! What ever your surname is I am sure it's equal to 'D' for 'diamond' because that's what you are! Beautiful poem indeed! Sai Baba bless you always my boy!