Monday, June 20, 2011


The farmers of India toil hard in the hot sun, high temperatures, heavy rains and chilly winter to low temperatures to grow food grains for the whole nation and the government of India allows food grains to rot in the open godowns during monsoon and I am amazed, surprised and truly-truly appalled at the sorry state of my nation! India – my nation which is being projected as INCREDIBLE INDIA and SHINING INDIA to the world; my India - which has become so famous for having the single largest deposit of black money in all the dubious banks of the world; my India – who has the audacity to waste food grains worth Rs. 58,000 crore every single year (mind you, this is the official figure, so one can imagine the actual figure may be double or three times more); my India – where farmers are dying, tribal villagers are being killed, fertile lands are being grabbed in the name of economic development; food grains are being stored in village schools’ classrooms... I am truly sad!

Wastage of food grains have become THE SERIOUS ISSUE as every single minute near about 5 infants die because of hunger, what with highest malnutrition infant deaths have become the norms of the fast rapid economic development of the nation... while all the rivers' water are  being diverted for the rich MNCs to generate power, so that means water meant for irrigation for farmers are being looted, diverted and in a callous approach... farmers are being killed under various policies and allow to perish so that all the land can be grabbed; all the rivers' water can be diverted to rich industrialists' houses and not forgetting the least food grains are allowed to rot in a well-laid planned so that the kith and kin of political leaders can convert all the rotten food grains into liquor... is this the INCREDIBLE or SHINING INDIA that our corrupt Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is selling to the Western World???

Out of the total amount of food grains produced in the nation, only, ONLY 20 % can be stored in FCI Godowns.... one of the biggest achievements of Independent India in the last 64 years...  that means India stores 80 % of the food grains of the nation out in the open???? While huge Thermal Power Projects are being cleared in a jiffy by killing poor villagers who protest that their lands are being grabbed within five years’ time, the government of India doesn’t even have the will to stop wastage of food grains day-after-day to such a large extent or build food grains’ godowns at war footing to safeguard all the grains that the poor farmers of India toil hard to grow for the nation. When will we become responsible to save our nation? When will we become sensitive to feed the hunger? When will we become aware (it is very important) to save all the infants (dying) from dying because of hunger?

Not that the government centres at various districts and cities have scarcity of space to accommodate more new godowns... I have seen several government centres in various districts of Vidarbha itself... where land are lying empty and the space can very well be utilized to build new godowns so that more food grains can be saved from allowing it to rot... but then, none of the previous Chief Ministers have bothered to build food grains’ godowns... and on a large extent one has to blame all the Prime Ministers of India, who have not at all bothered to save the huge quantity of surplus food grains since the last 64 years...

GODOWNS FOR FOOD GRAINS ARE THE NECESSITY OF THE NATION; WE SIMPLY CANNOT AFFORD TO ALLOW FOOD GRAINS TO ROT OUT IN OPEN ANY MORE!!! I strongly feel that more than corruption or other things that are being fought for, every Indian should fight to safeguard the food grains first before it will be too late when infants will be gulped by hunger at an alarming pace... as it is 40 % of infants are dying in our nation due to malnutrition and yes, WE ARE NO. 1 in this too!!! PATHETIC and THE SORRY STATE OF AFFAIR of MY NATION – INDIA! India is certainly not SHINING my dear citizen of the world!!!


  1. I do share similar pain, inefficient supply chain (man made) is more to be blamed than less productivity from farm fields
    Tough we claim we are agrarian economy we do less for our farmer and improving its supply chain, We blame farmers inefficiency and less mechanization of agriculture.
    Lets us look in to plugging the punctures of leaky pipelines instead of blaming well which supplies from its best!

  2. All the problems are and have been created by us, humans only... each year you hear the Nation declaring that we have had bumper crops than last year, yet, instead of prices coming down, it rises and rises... the sorry state can easily be curbed if we want to, but we will not! Because killing the poor have become the latest mantra to rule the world by all global leaders...

    My heart cries when I visit villages and see how the farmers toil hard in their fields in hot sun, heavy rains and cold temperatures but there is no one to protect their hard earned produce... it is sad and pathetic Sam... hope the nation wakes up from its deep slumber to protect precious food grains!