Sunday, June 12, 2011


When I look at the joyful smiles of tiny-tots in villages as remote as one can be, I have visited so far and will be visiting during the journey of my life, amidst all the miseries and sorrows I always wonder do they know how their future is going to be? I feel really sad and worried about the dangerous future they are growing up for... no land, no water, lots of war, shortage of food, no jungles or wildlife, no fresh air, no mountains, rivers... well, everything will be in short supply and there will be total chaos.... however, genius the human species can or may be... however innovative the scientists may be... life certainly will not be an easy one for the TINY-TOTS of today... their future is in danger! And mind you, we are heading there at a very faster pace... faster than the hand of the second... I am worried, really! That is the reason I gave away everything to pursue the journey of my destiny...

I am indeed grateful to all the beautiful angels who have come forward to let the world know that yes, we do care and wish the change to happen so we can somehow save to better the future of the tiny-tots.

The fourth angel prefers to remain a mystery because he has been a very close friend of mine and the one, who has always stood by me all through my life. He requested me to keep it that way for he doesn’t want to belittle our amazing friendship. He has been my strength, my inspiration and I have learned a great deal from him about “true friendship”. Yes, dear citizen of the world, I feel and am truly blessed to have such a wonderful friend!

To respect his wishes, I just want to introduce the fourth beautiful angel as the mystery angel... who has lent his kind support and help with no questions asked... I still need one beautiful angel and I know Sai Baba will send me from nowhere... Sai Baba bless you always my Fourth Angel!

Cuidate :)

... to be continued...


  1. Johnny, your series of writings regarding angels is very interesting. All your angels are amzing. I am not good enough in recognizing angels but this much I can say that we all are born surrounded by heavenly beings to help us in every area of life. Believe it or not they are assigned to us at birth. And some do take human form to carry out their assignments. In your case your angels are truly angels in human form. Though they might forget their angelic origin, yet they always keep their angelic temperament.

    I’ve learned a lot from your writings. And of late I learned a lot about angels through your writings. One solid proof of your being an angel is clearly shown to me through your writings. You cannot deny it Johnny; you’re one of the angels yourself! Through this comments of mine I challenge your blog followers who don’t agree with my calling you an angel! YOU ARE INDEED AN ANGEL JOHNNY!!

  2. Truly grateful to you for your sweet & kind words... I am glad through the blog post you have learned a great deal about beautiful angels in our lives. Yes, I truly second your views about angels being assigned to each one of us at birth... as I always say, we humans come into this world with pre-destined destiny... we just perform what has to be performed by us during the journey...

    Angels are visibly invisible! I realized this fact when the journey of my journey started all of a sudden... so many angels joined in to make everything comfortable for me... something I had never expected... known-unknown, from near & afar... each one flew at the right time to say - 'Johnny keep moving forward, we are always there for you and you are not alone in this journey.'

    The blessings in disguise are truly amazing! Truly said that - 'they might forget their angelic origin, yet they always keep their angelic temperament.' Totally I agree with your views for how else would I still be continuing the journey of my destiny. Truly, I am grateful to each one of them and many more who will be joining in future...

    Truly grateful for your kind words (wish I know your beautiful name...)... Sai Baba bless you always!

    Cuidate :)