Thursday, June 2, 2011


The movement is not about me helping the poor suicide farmers’ widows and their children in Vidarbha but it is for all the tiny-tots, who will grow to a future that will not have enough land for cultivation; scarcity of water for drinking and irrigation; less farmers to grow food grains for the ever-increasing population and a life that will be suffocated in the concrete jungle as the wild forest will also have no place in near future and so also mountains, rivers and nature...

Inching forward step-by-step, slowly and steadily to do some concrete things on ground... the long journey ahead are full of many challenges to face, obstacles to overcome and many-many things to unlearn before learning the ground realities to better the lives of the affected families... it is the ever-flowing strong support of the world, that is giving me all the strength to make the future a little better for all the tiny-tots of today. I feel so-so blessed to see all the beautiful angels from every corner of the world coming together under one small umbrella, indeed this journey is a miracle in its own ways!

“The effort to reach out for others is the ultimate blissful emotion any human can really have. I am sure each one of you reading this post will agree with me because each one of us has felt such a blissful state in our lives many a times… these inspiring angels have enliven the state within me and I know they will do a lot when the time comes for them to support the cause.”  - This is what I had written way back in July 2010 about the Second Beautiful Angel. And her angelic commitment to be there when I needed her shows what this beautiful girl is capable of doing for the world with her caring attitude and beautiful soul!

This year, when I approached few people to support me for the Second year, Prerana Sharma assured me that her commitment towards the movement is always there and I should never worry about it. I still remember her words echoing in my ear (when we chatted online) – “Each time she used to tell me that if there is anything I need, she would be there… this assurance surely was very valuable and encouraging for me to get strength to do what I am doing. Once we were chatting and Prerana said, ‘I really wish that my studies finish fast so that I can support the movement both financially as well as with her active part in helping the suicide farmers’ families.’ Wow! I felt a strange indebtedness towards this beautiful young girl for her commitment even when she is just a student. I know for sure that Prerana will do many things in her life to achieve greater heights and will spread joy with her radiance in many-many lives.”

Prerana has just completed her MBA in International Business from Birla Institute of Management Technology, Greater Noida. She has been a source of inspiration for me as she  had been spreading the word about the event – support 4 suicide farmers families – in Facebook among her friends’ circles and has been encouraging me to keep going from strength to strength. She now works for Insta Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd in Bangalore. All I can say to the whole world through this post is, that, we certainly need more beautiful angels like Prerana Sharma, who are committed to support and do well for the society at large with their kind heart... to care for the world we live in, and to build a safe future for the tiny-tots of today... I pray more and more young people like Prerana would try to visualize, how dangerous the future is going to be for the children, to come forward and work for the betterment of lives of everyone and not only the poor... I may not be even there to see all this, but I know, there will be a better chain of people who will take this movement forward with more passion and vigour to see the hard work that we all are putting in today, to safeguard the future of the tiny-tots.

Prerana I am really grateful and proud of you for your kind support and help. Thank you, thank you so very much each one of you, all those who have supported so far and all those who will be supporting in the future... this journey is certainly not mine alone dear citizen of the world, it is the journey of the whole world... Sai Baba bless you all always!

Cuidate :)

..... to be continued.....

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